Sunday, July 24, 2011

An explaination

As much as I love Waking Up Famous, my dream of turning it into a blogzine is put on hold.
Sometimes I wonder if it'll ever come to fruition.

I've been working for almost one and a half month now.

It has in a way changed my lifestyle drastically.

I don't see Mr. Wonderful a lot, let alone go on a proper date.

I haven't been connecting with fellow local bloggers (offline and online) much alone close friends.

I've turned down numerous blogging engagements /events due to conflicting schedules whereby work always come first.

Don't worry tho. Waking Up Famous will continue running still, albeit at a slower pace.

You may think I'm crazy cos I can't even maintain a regular schedule but I am starting a new blog.

A personal one mind you.

It'll be up on

Its called Janessa Loves and I'll be blogging what's it like to be a working girl.

Its not up yet. So do watch this space.

Also, I've decided to have a separate twitter account for Waking Up Famous.

I tend to tweet (and rant) personal stuff but I want to separate them (you know, to be more professional).

So I've changed the current @wakingupfamous to @janessaloves and now have a new twitter account for @wakingupfamous.

As much as I want to create all over again a personal twitter account, I feel that my old twitter account be best used as a personal one cos I do have friends who follow me. So it'll be a great great favour if you could once again follow @wakingupfamous.


  1. Nice blog u've got here! Thks for dropping by my blog & sorry for the late visit :)

    U may wanna chk out my latest Luxury Try My Recipe & Have It Displayed On My Facebook Fanpage! Looking fwd to sharing :)

  2. lol dont worry, I still do drop by... albeit silently at times as I'm rushing to and fro between real life and online too hahaha! Tc babe.


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