Saturday, October 30, 2010

New Layout!


After having such a hectic week, I don't know where I found the time to create this new layout for my blog.
Its somewhat complete. I'm still doing some minor tweaks but overall, I'm loving the new layout. :D

So to go into detail what I've done...

I removed the background image I was using. I didn't like it anymore and the background image feels like my blog was from a template which isnt cos I designed the background image. Oh and I changed it to a plain white background. Minimalist and refreshing. :D

I've changed the header picture. I'm still quite adamant about putting my face up there. It's just not my style.

I put navigation tabs below the header! I didn't want to use the pages widget cos the I can't customize the tabs. I know its a bit small but I didn't want it to be bigger than my header and I don't have alot of navigation tabs (yet). If I don't plan on adding more, I'll just centre align them.

(PS some of the navigation don't work cos I still don't have a FAQ and a Sponsor page)

Then instead of putting in different badges/widgets of other sites where you can find me which looks so messy, I decided to just remove them, create my own buttons and put it under one place.

I totally love my buttons! Push those buttons yea! Especially facebook because I've finally created a Facebook page for my blog!
I know not the meaning of shame.

So those are the major changes I've made.

Other things still in the work, like I mentioned, the FAQs (do ask me me questions yea?), the sponsor page, yes I'm taking sponsorship! That is if anyone wants to sponsor Waking Up Famous, lol (I'm shameless).
Also, I plan on putting up a list of blog links I love. A badge for grab to link my blog to anyone who's interested in linking. (lol) Oh and other housekeeping stuff like organising the labels on my post.
I would love to continue doing all the above but I've got backloads of post to update so its going to be a slow and hopefully painless process.

So tell me truthfully, how do you like the revamped Waking Up Famous??

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Five Things Wednesday

Five Things Wednesday is here and this time its a list of five things I want for my birthday!

Hee! I don't need to elaborate right??

2. I would really really love to get this awesome Diary by Frankie Magazine.

I mean look at it! I would definitely write in this everyday!

Seriously, this is one gift I really want to get, I may not get a shopping spree or any of the other gifts on my list but I do want this.

3. Since Mr. Wonderful gifted me with a hard cover Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, I think the next book I'd like to be given would be a hardcover, Tim Burton's The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy. (PS There's just something about hardcover books I love)
This just one of those books I'd love to own.

4. Okay since I mentioned I had Pride & Prejudice, I'd love to get my hands on Pride & Prejudice DVD.
The one with Keira Knightly please. :D

5. Umm.. A DSLR. :P Okay its asking for too much but a girl can dream right???

So that's my list of things I want for my 21st birthday. :D
Of course I want more than five but if I were given five choices, it would be those 5.

Well apart from the shopping spree and the DSLR, I guess I'm not really materialistic. I think.

I guess the reason why I decided to do my five things on what I want for my birthday,
First reason, I don't want a teddy bear. I already have one.
Second reason, I'm a bookworm.
Third reason, my birthday would be a lot more meaningful if I got the above (not counting 1 and 5). Its hard to explain.

I'm not being thick-skinned in asking for those things. I just believe in giving(and receiving) presents that a person would keep and treasure or is at least useful. Not something they'll throw away after a few years cos after awhile.

Well anyway, umm, that's my list. :D

Monday, October 25, 2010

The one thing you should never tweet about

So I was on twitter last night when I tweeted this.

Then I received a reply

 Followed by,

Actually just follow the whole action which I screen captured, giving a narration of how my one tweet went haywire is too painful.

After reviewing the screen captures,
I realized a few thing,

1. I've become a pushover;
2. I'm afraid to go on twitter
3. I type "lol" in my tweets. Alot.

So apart from that I've decided to blog the above as a warning to all on one thing you should never tweet about.
(or the people who you should avoid)

Monday Quickies

How was your weekend everyone?? :D
My weekend was good so here's some quick updates.

1. I went for Sentosa Spooktacular 2010 on Friday night and I was super excited about it that I had to to write a post it here!

2. I went for the annual Filipino Family Rosary 2010. And as expected it was chaotic but fun.

3. Its going to be a busy week for me this week! I've got events to attend, hats to crochet
(more bout this next time), school work to do and sleep to catch up on and hopefully time to blog.

4. Oh and watch out for my Mister Potato post coming soon!

So how was your weekend??

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sentosa Spooktacular 2010 Exclusive!

There's something spooky going on at Sentosa this weekend.

Even the Merlion looks menacing.

And tour guides are not what they seem to be..

Well Mr. Wonderful and I were going to find out just how haunted Sentosa is, along with other OMY Blog Club Member.

By nightfall, we were soon greeted with wandering spirits.

And we soon embarked on the very first trail.

The Cursed Island
[some spoiler ahead]
We were only allowed to take photos for this first trail but be prepared to be spooked!

Mr. Wonderful lead the group of us. 8 per group for auspicious reasons.

And I was last.
Something which I didn't really relish.

The "guardians" of the treasure you will meet!

The "guardians" of the treasure you will meet!

Beware of curtained doorways too!

I thought it would never end!

But all of us made it out!

And guess who else came??

We then went wandering around looking for the next trail.

We must have taken a wrong turn somewhere.

Mr. Wonderful tried asking for directions. But the skeleton wasn't very forthcoming so.. we decided to have fun and take photos!

And then it kinda got creepy..

Yup. Mr. Wonderful screaming in horror at 'something'

Then we finally found the next trail.

The Haunted Asylum

While queuing (we must be nuts to queue to get scared!) we encountered some wondering spirits.

Oh and watch out for the shrieking geisha! She'll chase you till you cower in fear before her!

Its also very funny to watch, unless you're the one being chased.

We couldn't take photos once we were inside.

But the haunted asylum is by far the scariest trail.
The fact that there are figurines inside Images of Singapore, you have no idea if they are real or not.

Oh here's a bit of warning.
Don't let anyone out of their cages.

We found more ghosts a wandering.

Hand off my boyfriend!

I'm curious as to how this Peranakan couple died/ 

While queuing for the next trail, I took photo of Harry Potter Hong Peng.

The queue was so long! Luckily we started off early at 6.30ish pm. So if you are going do go early to avoid the long queues!

Photo Op with a victorian ghost!

More photos with ghosts!

 Joanna is the reason why some of the male ghosts are in tatters. Lol!

Apparently Mr. Wonderful is a fan of the Orang Minyak.

Oh and a video on us going up Tiger Sky Tower, aka Tower of Fear.

Nothing scary but an awesome way to end you spooktacular night.

Overall, an enjoyable way to celebrate halloween!

Lots of thanks to and Sentosa!


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