Friday, December 31, 2010

Waking Up Famous is One!

Yes! Today, my blog is a year old!

Thanks to all the the wonderful people who was continually supported this blog!

Happy New Year and I'll see you all in 2011!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Waking Up Famous - image from

I love how the the tangerine of her boat-necked top added a dash of colour to her  outfit.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas everyone!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Music Feature - Little & Ashley

This week there's two music feature because I listened and I can't wait and blog about it next week!

I was on youtube surfing and came across the stop motion kindle commercials and the songs of the commercials are just so cute which just goes really really well with the cute videos!

I did some snooping and found out all the songs are from a duo, Annie Little and Marcus Ashley, otherwise known as Little & Ashley

Waking Up Famous - Image from
Below's the video of a Kindle Ad starring them!

I can't find an official music video yet of their music but I did find this full length song from youtube.

If only I knew about them earlier cos this song from their same-titled album was a free download on Amazon for a limited time.

Featured Music - Train

 Since Christmas is just tomorrow I thought why not feature a music artist/band singing a Christmas song.

Coca-Cola has a Christmas song entitled Shake Up Christmas and I love the music video of Train performing this song!

Train has been around since 1998. If you don't know them, have your heard the song "Drops of Jupiter"?

Yep, they're the band that brought us that wonderful song.

I just wished that the lead singer, Pat Monahan dress his age.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas is like being in the throes of young love

Last night the church I am in, had our annual 'retreat'. This time a BBQ because we were too late in booking a chalet this busy season.

It was a really fun night! Although I feel a little bit guilty at not helping clean up after.

The food was great since it was a pot luck as well. I especially love roasting marshmallows and my junior realized that his marshmallow had a smiley face on it!

And this Christmas is the 3rd one I'm celebrating with Mr. Wonderful celebrating together! <3

Waking up alone

i promise

(By Becca)

(By: Jess)

There are just days when I want to sleep next to and wake up to the nice warm body especially now when the nights are so much more cooler.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Food + Kitchen: Salad + Pizza

Waking Up Famous - Salad Pizza Image by Dinner Love Story
How awesome is this Salad Pizza! (sans cheese by the way for the vegans!)

Check out the recipe here from!


So I decided to do an FAQ page so I can finally put the proper link to the navigations above and its also for my curious readers who wants to know more about me altho I think I've said it all in the about page.

what is Waking Up Famous?

Currently its defined as a blogzine about style, design+art, people and events. It also contains snippets of my personal life. Its also to me a curation of what inspires me! :D

where are you from and where are you now?

I'm orignally from the Philippines but my family uprooted from there and settled in Singapore and I'm still living here now. I'm not sure if I'm going to call Singapore my home permanently but I have lived here for 16 years now!

what kind of camera do you use?  who takes your pictures?  do you have any photography advice for me?

When I started out blogging in my first blog, I used a Canon Ixus 65 and when Waking Up Famous was started I got a Canon Powershot S5 IS and now this year on my birthday I got myself a Canon 500D!
Apart from that I also have my dad's 15 years old SLR, the Canon 500. I'm into Canon and I'm loyal like that!
As for who takes my pictures, I do and my boyfriend Mr. Wonderful helps along altho he has much to learn.
Read your camera manual! That's my advice! I'm not a pro but its always good to understand your camera.

what is your height/weight/measurements?

I'm 165cm or 5'5. I wear a size 10 or an 8 on my good days and my shoe size is 8 and half or size 38. (HINT)

what else do you do beside Waking Up Famous?

Photography, crafting, reading and bumming at the beach! I wish I had more time for bumming but I'm also a student and I have a lover that needs constant attention or he'll die from the lack of attention.

what's your daily life like?

sleep, coffee, bouncing about, food, internet, sleep.

will you exchange link with me?

all the links on my blog are chosen by me and for some I personally know the blogger themselves. I don't really do a link exchange but if you have linked me drop me a comment and I'll add you on my google reader list and I'll drop by often! :D

i want to use some of the content on your blog or feature you on my blog/site.
Really?? Yay!! Yes you may use my content but only if you give me proper credit and link back to my site! Oh and drop me a comment! Please note that all the contents of this blog are my intellectual property unless stated so.

if you have any other questions you can formspring me -->

Monday, December 20, 2010

Craft: Marc Jacob Inspired Faceted Studs

I'm not one of those type that can wear delicate looking earrings but I don't really like too large chunky earrings. That's why I love this pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs organic facets studs.

Waking Up Famous - Image of Marc by Marc Jacobs Organic Facets Studs from
It has just the right amount of "chunk" for me.
But being a poor broke girl I can't get a pair for myself.

So when I came across this awesome tutorial  for the Marc Jacob Inspired Faceted Studs by Dismount Creative

I just had to share it!

Its so easy to make! and they're even selling a kit at their etsy shop so you can make one on your own!

Waking Up Famous - Image from Dismount Creative

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Kate Spade 2011 Organizer

What I want for Christmas is this beautiful Kate Spade Organizer.

I love the how rich the blue is and the insides are just as cute! I'm loving the owl illustratration. Unfortunately, in Singapore,the personal-size refill alone is SG$ 110. while online, its only US$36. Huge PRICE HIKED.

Mr. Wonderful said that we should travel to New York and buy there cos its fractionally cheaper. (Apparently, Ralph Lauren is their Giordano there)

I won't be getting this for sure but a girl can dream right?

Nokia OVI App Wizard Workshop

As I mentioned, I attended the Nokia OVI App Wizard Workshop by Nokia and Nuffnang and I learnt how to create my own app for the Nokia OVI store!

Waking Up Famous - Nokia OVI Workshop
I think that having an app for your blog is so cool!

Well apart from being cool, Its an awesome way to reach out to your readers and extend your reach beyond a computer! Waking Up Famous is now available on the go for Nokia phone users! How awesome is that??

Waking Up Famous - Nokia OVI Workshop
That's Elliot there, the guy from Nokia.

We played a short ice breaker game and I won!

Waking Up Famous - Nokia OVI Workshop
Along with Steven and Christina. We were the second group of people that found each other and we won Coffee Bean Vouchers. Hee!

Waking Up Famous - Nokia OVI Workshop
Waking Up Famous - Nokia OVI Workshop

I better start on how to create a app cos I can hear someone already shouting, "Get on with it you git!"


Before you start, here are few things you need to prepare.

1. Your blog has an RSS Feed.
2. A 80 x 80 pixel image for your app icon
3. A 360 x 60 pixel image for your app banner.

Got all three?? Okay let's get started.

Step 1. Head to Sign up for an account and click build a new app on your dashboard.
 Step 2: Follow the instructions and enter in your RSS feed or your URL.

If its successful, you'll see your blog posts as how it'll look on your app in the emulator.
You can then add as many feeds as you want granted they have RSS feeds.
Click next step.
 Step 3. Is to customize your app. From the name, to the app icon and banner. (Have you made them as I told you too? No? Then make one!)
Upload it to the app wizard (Click the green arrow)

 At this step you can customize the background colours and link colour (Rainbow coloured square next to green arrow)
Click next and the following will pop up.

Make sure you own all the things or else..

Step 4. Monetize your app! You can monetize your app with two of Nokia OVI partners as seen below but you've got to have an account with them first tho. No account? Don't worry you can edit your app later on once you create an account.

 Step 5. This is very crucial cos you don't want your app to be lost in the app store! Enter your description of the app, keywords (Ultra important!), category etc.
You can also set your price point at this step. Mine is free of course but if you're confident that people will pay for your app, go ahead and put a price on it.

Then submit your app to the OVI store! It takes about 24hours for Nokia to review your app and put up in the OVI Store.
So how easy was that to create your own app? Congratulations!

You can creates as many as you want just make sure that you own the legal rights and nothing incriminating like Wikileaks or pornographic.

So go and download my app now! Head to and search for "Waking Up Famous" to read this blog on the go!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Featured Music - Fiest

Fiest (Real name's Leslie Fiest) is a singer-song writer from Canada and from the moment I heard of her, I fell in love with her music.

I love her folksy-upbeat music!

Watch the music video for her most popular song to date!

Waking Up Famous is evolving

When I started blogging on Waking Up Famous, there really wasn't any direction or topic to what I write in this blog.

Waking Up Famous is going to be a year old soon on 31st December and I have thought over and played around with an idea of what I want Waking Up Famous should be.

I did have some apprehensions about moving away from writing about me and moving towards more of a trend/lifestyle blogzine because that is ultimately what I want Waking Up Famous to be one day.

A blogzine dedicated to style, design+art, people and events.

I decided I won't take out the personal side of Waking Up Famous because that's what its all going to be about. What I want to feature in my blog but along the line of the above. A curation of the things that inspires me.

I want to take my blogging to a whole new level and this translates to me, a commitment where I need to be constantly writing and constantly be in the know.

I'm not sure if I am up to the task.

But I am in it for the long haul. Starting from today, I will slowly transform Waking Up Famous to what I envisioned it to be and I ask my readers for your continued support of Waking Up Famous because (I know it's cliche) this blog is nothing without you.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Shoe Fetishism

I tweeted last night about buying shoes after the workshop and how it was such an impulsive buy for me! Well technically its not impulsive but I don't want to hash up the excuses reasons why its technically not impulsive. (PS: This means, you've got to start following me on twitter!)

And it was on sale!
Wait, why am I feeling guilty and justifying my techincally-not-impulsive-buy??

Ribbon Laces

Its a rich royal purple suede shoes and the height is just perfect for the girl who suffers from mild vertigo if I wear too high a heels.

Here's a couple of action shot.


The main reason why I bought it is because, I saw a similar pair online, a pair of shoes by named after the Unicorn Queen, Doe Deere and creator of Lime Crime Makeup.

Photo from - Doe Deere Shoes
Its a peep toe suede shoes but I just couldn't justify paying for the shipping costs and and the price of the shoes.

So when I saw my purple shoes at chocolate schubar, you know what happened next.

Excuse me while I admire my new shoes some more.

The Nokia OVI App Wizard Workshop preview!

Nuffnang Singapore and Nokia hosted a workshop recently on 15 December to share with 50 lucky bloggers on how to create your very own OVI app for bloggers to reach out to our readers on the go!

And guess what?

I'm one of the lucky 50 who was chosed!

As my app (OMG, I have an app!!) is still under vetting, I won't blog about it just yet till its been approved by the OVI store. So here's an awesome preview of my app!

Waking Up Famous - Nokia OVI App Wizard Preview

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Sorry for the lack of update!

Since the last I blogged, I was in the midst of Mid semester torture tests and straight after that I was working at the Singapore Toys Games and Comic Convention.

If you went, good for you! If you bought tickets from the counter with the green-eyed girl, that was me!

After the torture tests and the weekend job, I took two days off to recover and now its wednesday!
Time sure does fly very past and I've got Novena Masses to go and my Final Year Project Report to edit.
Not to mention I'm going for a workshop tonight by Nokia! More about that tomorrow or Friday!

Anyway, here are some photos I took with my phone at the Comics Con.

 Me with a Storm Trooper and a TIE Pilot! This was the reason why I wanted to work for STGCC. Star Wars fan girl heaven!

 A real R2-D2! Really, its not just a prop!

 Two picture of Darth Vader just because. :D (PS Not real, just a doll)

Oh and to break the star wars theme going on here, meet Phil. The cartoonist of the Simpsons. He charges $40 to Simpson-ise you.

It wasn't really that bad. Half of the convention was anime-related and the other half were your american-influence comics. Toys tho, mostly collectibles and anime merchandises. Alot of artistes. The guy who draws Wolverine was there also but not when I did my walkabout.
Too bad they don't have mature content comics like Hellboy or Hell Blazer cos of the kids! I'd have bought it for Mr. Wonderful.

Okay, shutting up now before I let on how much of a fan girl I truly am.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Presenting my class, The Mug Shot Edition

As I mentioned, my class did a photoshoot and here are the photos hot from Facebook!

Aren't we cute!!

I'm the one with the Kitty Cat Ears! <3

If you have not realized it yet, Girls outnumber guys, by ALOT.

There's suppose to be 21 of us, 6 guys, 15 girls but a few of them found it pointless to do it.
Oh well, its not our fault they don't want to be part of a class.

Anyway, our awesome photographer, Shamil is my classmate's (Zara) boyfriend and he willingly did for free!

My eyes literally turn bug-eyed when I saw his equipments. The investment in the equipment pretty much says it all for his dedication to the craft!
(I'm feeling a little jealous right now)

Oh yea! I forgot to mention we're suppose to do some sort of mugshot themed photo inspired by this.

So the plan was to give each other nicknames that best described us.

We also wanted to do a height chart but we didn't have time and when we did an impromptu one, it was too short for the tallest person in the class.

Presenting my classmates and their nicknames!

If only you know the reasons behind the nicknames. It'll be too long to explain all.
So guess what's mine??
(PS: I know the photo placement's a bit weird but when I arranged it when I was composing this post it was alright)

They put down The Little Blogger for me, very apt.
The "Nuffnang FTW" is.. Lol.

So now here come's the hard part, We have to choose 1 group shot out of the many and I have to chose 1 individual shot. So why don't you help me decide?

There actually 4 shots, but I decided to put up this two. The least awkward of the 4. (Posing for shoots is a lot harder than it looks!)

So leave a comment and tell me which photo should grace our year book photo, The one on the left or the right with the Kitty Kat Ears!


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