Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Let's talk punctuation marks.

Okay this may be crazy but I kinda have a thing for words, letters, fonts, punctuation marks.
In short. Typography turns me on!


But for now let's talk punctuation marks because out of the list my favorite are punctuation marks. It drives me nuts to see the wrong usage of punctuation or most commonly lack of.

Can you imagine a sentence that just rambles rambles rambles rambles and rambles on without the benefit of a comma to break it up and provide a breathing space or even better yet a full stop or period to break up a really really long sentence like this or worse the abuse of using punctuation marks which I must admit I'm guilty of committing like using question marks and explanation marks inappropriately!

But this post isn't a lecture on the proper usage of punctuation marks.

 (Vintage Typewriter Key Punctuation Mark - Compass Rose Design)

This post is tell you that I'm actually insane enough to have  favorite punctuation marks, not because I use a lot when I write but just because I think they're awesome.

First up and first on my list would be the Ampersand. Its not a punctuation mark "per se". Its a type of ligature, a form of typography.

 (Ampersand bag - Alphabet Bag via iknowitwheniseeit)

I love it because its a lot cooler than typing "and" altho I just realised I rarely use it when I write. Lol! I guess I just love that its used to link. 

Note that I quoted and italicized the words "per se" because its how the ampersand got its name. It was originally use when reciting alphabets which can be used on its own, like "A" and "I".

So its something like "A and per se and B and etc." So over time the phrase "and per se and" got slurred and you have the word Ampersand!

Oh and I would love to get an ampersand tattoo just like Helga from Ditz Revolution!

Okay enough but ampersands. Next is the semicolon.

(I guess I'm not the only one who loves these two punctuation marks! Image from xcarex)

I do hate the word semicolon but I love the symbol. I guess its because the first image that comes to mind fo me would not be the symbol but a morbid photo of an actual semi colons. As in the human organ.

(At this point Mr Wonderful will be like, "You're so weird")

I love this punctuation mark because not many people use it or know how to use it.
And I can proudly say yes I know how to use it! Haha! Here are examples of how you can use it.

  • Waking Up Famous has readers from: Johor Bahru, Malaysia; Jakarta; Indonesia; Bangkok Thailand and Singapore.
  • Jan loves meringues; she bakes them often

(So far both marks are symbols of linking or connecting; I think I'm beginning to see a pattern here and yes the semicolon was intended)

The next would be the irony punctuation mark to denote sarcasm or irony because not many can detect tirony or sarcasm when it its written; the reason why bloggers recieve slamming when a number of people don't understand that certain things are said in irony!

This issue irritates the hell out of me. I'm quite surprised that this punctuation mark did not catch on because clearly sarcasm and irony is very easy to detectIrony mark full.svg 

And yes that sentence was said with sarcasm and if you have not realised it, the mirrored question mark above is the irony punctuation mark. I guess its not popular because why put down that mark when you can italicize the sentence to denote sarcasm.

I don't want to ramble on as this is turning out to be a long post but I would love to know what's your favorite punctuation mark?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Period films fashion in real life

(marie antoinette: peter stigter via hila-lumiere)

Oh my goodness! You've got to check this compilation by Diana of Miss Moss at Hila Lumiere!

She puts period film fashion side by side street styles in and around the world!

I love period film and the costumes so to recreate something wearable and inspired by them is heavenly.

Flea Market at NUS Temasek Hall!

A reason why I've been so busy last week is because I'm teamed up with a friend to participate at a Flea Market at NUS!

This is my first time and I'm crossing my fingers. If you follow me on Twitter I actuall posted up a couple of photos of what I'm selling there.

And here they are!

A work in progress photo of necklaces I'm making.

Photos of some stuff  done! Altho I'm reworking the tassle necklaces because I'm such a perfectionist and not really quite happy with how they turn out.

I do love the sparrow necklaces! I want to keep one for myself but I'd put them up for sale first.

So if you're studying at NUS or going to see the flea. Go on the 30th because we've only booked a booth for a day sadly.

And look for me! If you see me quote the phrase "I Woke Up Famous" and recieve a free gift! ;D
Now excuse me while I panic cos I feel so unprepared.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weekend Links!

Time again for some awesome links for the weekend!

I have a love-hate relationship with long hair. This is one is for the love moments.

I hope you don't think I'm indifferent to situation in Japan as I've not blogged about it but I have helped in my own way and I hope you can too this weekend. Do check out Red Cross Society on how you can donate.

Also if you do plan to go out next weekend, Sinema Old School is having a movie screening on 2nd April and proceeds will go towards Japan Earthquake Relief efforts.

On a lighter and fashionable note, as you avid fashion-hungry crowd know, the zippered-clutch is the in thing right now but if you're unable to afford them but of a crafty temperament, check out this wonderful DIY.

So for now have an awesome weekend!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Nuffnang G+ Updates

So first of all let me introduce the committee for G+. From left to right, Me, Thiang, HP, Tracy and Honey.
Not inside is Joanna and William.

We had a meeting last week to discuss ideas for events.

There's one coming up in April first but limited to 20 bloggers only as its sponsored. I'll keep mum for now cos that's still in the planning stage and I don't want to jinx it.

But we intend to have an event in may to accommodate more members and for us to get to know you!

Yay! We have two ideas for that and we're still deciding, so I'll keep mum about this too! Sorry readers! If it helps, I hate keeping mum about exciting stuff.

Anyway more about the Committee soon! for now,

here are our positions.

President: Hong Peng of Hpility
Vice-President Thiang of Thiang
Secretary: Joanna of Reflect her Beauty
Event Planners: Honey of The Daily Honey, William of Only William and I of Waking Up Famous.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Online Zines Love

I am a huge fan of indie magazines be it printed or digital.

So I'm dedicating this post to the wonderful magazines I read. Strangely most of them are free. Hmm.

First is Catalog Magazine.

(Image: Catalog)

Its published in Singapore monthly and focuses on shopping & fashion for both ladies AND gentlemen. Best part is its available for free! But limited to 30,00 copies so getting my hands on this is quite a task. I usually hunt for this at The Cathay cos some of the stores there distribute them. But if hunting for them is too much of a hassle, you can always subscribe or settle for the digital version available on their website.
I also hear they have an iPad app version. 

As for me. I hunt for them, I prefer the printed word and the covers are a work of art!

Also another Singapore indie magazine is Juice Singapore

As I've mentioned before, a monthly publication focusing mostly on music and cool social scenes. Hunting this one is hard too but they have digital versions to console myself with.

Next up is Rue Magazine.

(Image: Rue)

I read this in digital cos its an American publication. My absolutely favourite digital mag. Its inspirational, beautiful and makes me want to pop a bottle of pink champagne. They're a lifestyle magazine and feautures lots of indie artisans and businesses. Their website also has cool downloads! Its bi-monthly but so worth the wait and I adore their videos. Also available in the iPad. (seriously with this much reads, I'm so tempted to put the iPad on my, "I-Want-To-Buy-But-I'm-Broke" List)

Matchbook magazine is another beautiful magazine to browse. All digital and free online. It is slightly more tailored to an older crowd and more elegance than fun. They also focus on indie lifestyle and I've also posted about them. Issue 2 is out by the way!

So what bout you? What are your favourites?

Excuse me now while I go and read these mags.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A tribute to Elizabeth Taylor.

Dame Elizabeth Taylor died today at the age of 79.

A film legend has passed on.

I don't really know her work but I've always admired her glamorous look. Let's not talk about the scandals and failed marriages that litter her illustrious past.

Let's instead remember her, immortalize her and celebrate her life and the contributions she brought to film.

Kitchen: Peanut Butter Cup Recipe!

Are you a fan Reese's Peanut Butter Cup?

I love 'em but for a pack of two, its $2 at Hershey World in Resort World Sentosa.
Yes there's a price difference between the shop at RWS and the shop in the mainland. Garret's Boston Mix Small is $6 at RWS but $8 in  City Link. Last I checked at least.

Anyway, I'm kinda stingy of spending Moolah on food unless its Mr. Wonderful spending. Haha!

Okay you're probably going like, "What??? Its $2!!"

And I'll go like, "I'm not gonna spend $3 to go to Sentosa for the Reese!" altho technically its still cheaper mainland. Ah.. The wonderful pitfalls and traps of marketing.

Anyway, I digress. I found this wonderful recipe on how to make your own Peanut Butter Cups by Megan!

(Image: Megan)

The recipe calls for Laura Scudder's Old Fashion Peanut Butter but I think we can substitute it for Skippy's Peanut Butter.

Mm.. I think I need to get supplies for this now.

The Graduation Dinner and Dance

Hey everyone. You're probably wondering what the heck happened to me after my last post.
Would you believe me if I said it took me this long to recover from the madness of my graduation dinner and dance?

Probably not. :P

After the D&D I've been going out almost everyday and barely have time to stop and blog.
And when I do have time, I've been using it to play the Sims 3m (I'm sorry! Don't shoot me), preparing for a flea market I'm joining at NUS (more bout this in another post), watching movies and busy fulfilling my role as an event planner in the G+ Committee (I'm excited bout this!).

But for now I'm going to blog bout my dinner and dance!

I didn't bring my DSLR that night but I did bring my really really old Canon Ixus camera.

First of all the event was held at Swissotel/Fairmont. Basically at Raffles City Shopping Centre.
Thank goodness Mr. Wonderful and I arrived early cos there was such awful traffic that day.
The Guest of Honour, the director of school was late even!

They had two pre-event stuff going on.

My favourite was the Photobooth! They actually set up a mini studio and we can take photos and get those photos printed out! I think an event wouldn't be complete without a photobooth. Its so fun!

PS: This is our awesome outfit that took literally weeks to put together!
If you realise I have no bulge! haha! After bemoaning the fact for so long, I actually bought a body shaper corset! Why did we ever stop wearing corsets?? They're so much more comfortable now than as before when they were in fashion in the 17th-18th century

( I scanned a few of the photos this in! sorry if the image isn't that clear)

The other activity they had was air-brush tattoo, so I got one. Love it?
I so want a tattoo but there's a lot of buts. sigh..

From here hence. I'll just post photos.

To see more go check out the Facebook Fanpage!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Weekend Links

This is actually scheduled, so if you're reading this, either I'm passed out on the bed after the dinner or frolicking at the beach in Sentosa. Whichever comes first.

Oh and a little intro, on this feature. I love blog reading! I love exploring too and as much as I want to blog all my amazing finds (online and offline), I think I'll be flooding this blog and be known as the girl who single handedly (is this a word??) crashed blogger's server.

Also, I want to introduce you, my readers to these awesome blogs that inspires and influences me!

1. So first of all, I think all the girls should read this! A little perspective on the ideal image of beauty being shoved down our throat by the media. How is it that Marilyn Monroe's size back in the 50s is sexy and is now considered fat today? (It kinda began with Kate Moss if you know fashion history)

2.  This is such a cute screen saver to download for your computer if you're into old school!

3. Are a francophile?? Then you'll wan't to find out how to shop like a french girl.

4. For girls who has planned their wedding ever since you watched Disney's Cinderella, A Tiffany's diamond engagement ring is nothing compared this ring, carved and handmade by the guy.

So I guess that's all for now, Have a fun weekend!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Music: Love Came For Me

Today's the big night! Dinner and Dance! *screams*

I won't be bloggging till monday and for tomorrow I scheduled a blog post!

For now enjoy this beautiful song, Love Came For me from the 1984 box-office hit, "Splash"

Which I'm watching slowly. Tom Hanks was such a hottie then. Haha!

I love this movie, well any movie based on Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid.

The music, Love Came For Me is by Rita Coolidge and its such a romantic song to listen to while you drink a cup of hot cocoa at home on rainy days.

PS: The movie lead to the meteoric popularity of the name, Madison for girls in the 1990s.

Okay enough, day dreaming! I gotta go prepare for tonight! (Yes I know its only 12ish but haha, I'm a worrywort)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Location: The Tin Tin Shop Singapore

Oh wow, I just found out, the beloved comic book hero of aspiring boy detectives has its very own shop here in Singapore!

(Image: Open the Toy)

I remember watching borrowing Tin Tin Videos back in secondary school from the school library cos my brothers insist I borrow them and they'd watch it over and over again till it was time to return them.

Mr. Wonderful is also a huge fan of Tin Tin.
I'm thinking of planning a trip there.
I think I'll start collecting the comic books for my brothers to enjoy.
I'm an awesome sister.

For more photos and the address check out Open The Toy by Leon. Thanks for the heads up! I'd never have known about the shop.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kitchen: Hot Cocoa Kit

Who loves Hot Chocolate here?

I went on a trip through Wonderland, i.e. the internet and came across this cute tutorial for a Hot Cocoa Kit to give away as gifts from Elizabeth Anne by Sarah Grey.

The tutorial is just too cute! I would love to make a kit and give away some but the time! Where would I find the time?

So I'll just settle for mixing cocoa for my own stash.

The tutorial includes on how to create 3 cocoa infusions and I think I'll make myself some Orange Cocoa and Spicy Cinnamon.

Not Lavender tho. I have this diva-ish thing about flower-flavoured food and drinks. Apart from that, if I were a Diva, I'd be the easiest Diva to please.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Putting in some face time

I think its been awhile since anyone has seen my face on this blog. So here are two not-so flattering photos of me.

I have not been feeling well hence the less than stellar photos which I tried to cover up by using the Lomolomo app in the iphone. Sadly, it did not help at all.

PS, I am addicted to the iphone. Its only on loan tho till I can afford to get my own phone and I don't think I'll get for myself one. Too broke.

I've taken to wearing side braids and have recently learn how to do fish tail braids. :D I don't know why I never grew my hair long till now! I'm kind of having fun browsing through different hairstyles but I still need to grow my hair out more to achieve anything really nice. And I'm giving bangs another go. Not yet tho.

Oh and I've been wearing glasses lately. 
So glasses + braids = nerdy chic.

Mr. Wonderful loves the look.
PS. my glasses are prescription ones and the frames are brown in colour.
Its gives a more softer than black geek specs out there.
I have sinking feeling if I get bangs again, I'll look like Ugly Betty with my hair down.

A new pair of suede shoes

Did I mention I went shopping over the weekend? I spent a bomb and I'm feeling guilty. not really haha!

I bought a stilettos from Charles and Keith. It's platform tho not so high I'll bumble about. And guess what? 

Its suede again.

I am obsessed with that finish! Its just gives a soft but unfinished look and yea, no scuff marks! Not visible at least compared to patent leather finishes.

Well I needed a pair of stilettos for my Graduation D&D, I actually saw it a few weeks back and it was a Sales item so I knew there's a high chance they may no longer have it when my big shopping trip comes around but yes,
 there's a Shoe God!
(Blasphemousof me when Lent is just round the corner!)

They not only have it but they have it in my size. I wear a Charles and Keith size 28 by the way.
(Just in case a Shoe Fairy exists :P)

Oh its strappy. But chunky strappy. Delicate strappy shoes scares me. I've had a bad experience and let's just say, I walked home barefooted one night.

No photos for now. I'm too lazy and I'm not at my semi-working laptop writing this. But I promise it'll be up! If not you'll see it in my end look for the Dinner!

Monday, March 7, 2011

I have been craving for these like I crave a for Johnny Depp


I have been craving for wedges. Vaguely, chunky shoes, specifically wedges. I don't really like rapier-thin stilettos as I feel as if I'm precariously ready to tip over and I always feel as if I was Hagrid with huge man feet that doesn't do justice to delicate strappy heels. If I had to wear heels, I'd choose heels with a little bit more substance like this,

(PS: I seem to gravitate to shoes with suede finishes like my purple mary jane-esque shoes)
And if I get bored with it, I'll just pop on a pair of heels condom to jazz it up a bit.  

And yes there's such thing as a heel condom. 
The best thing thought up of ever next to Star Wars. Seriously, why has it never been done before till now??

Anyway, I'm not really a fan of open toed shoes cos as I've said, I barely notice I have feet with toes that can be painted on unless I stub them. (poor feet and toes)
But this pair might just do it for me.

Sigh.. what could go wrong with a pair of these beauties and yes with these I'll get a pedicure for sure. Orange, a life-jacket orange would do the trick.

Anyway. the first pair of shoes, the Gelsey Wedges is what I want. I actually saw a pair at loveandbravery.com.

Its lower in height but it makes it so wearable and I have been known to suffer a little bit from vertigo from time to time if I wear sky-high heels. (who wouldn't?)
I actually saw it a few weeks back when it was in stock but I agonized too long and it was sold out. Then a miracle happened.
They opened up a backorder for it.
I asked Mr. Wonderful about it but he said not to get it cos he reminded me I still need to get my shoes for my graduation Dinner & Dance. Oh and I am wearing the little black toga dress for that Do.

AND I happen to find a corset from sorella for S$35ish to help with that tummy bulge issue. Most body shapers sell for an outrageous price of up to $200. I guess I need to exercise more cos that's just too expensive.

ANYWAY, I blame Mr. Wonderful cos the backorder's closed and I am still craving for the shoes really badly. I actually dreamt about them last night. Along with a slew of other things.

I actually planned this post to feature a little bit more things but gosh I got carried away. Hey maybe I could make this a little weekly feature and what a great way to let Mr. Wonderful know what I want. Haha!

Oh by the way the next item I crave for is a bag.

Honestly I don't know if I'm more of a shoe slut or a bag whore.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Like I said, I'm going shopping. Usually I prefer a quiet Saturday reading books. PS I went for the Watson's Member's only sale and scored on Maybelline's Hello Kitty Necklace Mascara. (Apparently my fingers have a mind of their own when it comes to typing, sorry for the error)

Here are some awesome weekend loves if you've opted for a quiet weekend.

Baby trashes bar in Las Palmas
This awesome short feature is part of a long one and I can't wait for it! I can't help but laugh and watch it again and again and again.
Check out Honestly WTF's DIYs and create something! I love their Braided DIY Hex Nut Bracelet.

I discovered closetvisit.com, a website/blog featuring closets of amazing stylish women and I am drooling over Claire Cottrell's closet.

Or make some thin mints! (via cupcakesandcashmere)
Have an awesome weekend ahead!

Friday, March 4, 2011

I am free!

Exams are over and this weekend I'm going shopping.

What a way to celebrate escaping from one form slavery to another. 


Oh well, shopping is therapeutic and soothing to my soul. A small consolation just before I start job hunting.

Just wished my Best was around. She's so busy nowadays. D:
Okay, I've been guilty of being too busy too I guess.

Here's a freedom playlist I found on 8tracks.com

I love the fact that my favourite Bob Marley song is first on the list! 
Nothing like Iron Lion Zion to celebrate freedem albeit a false one.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I did not do justice to Pretty Woman week. D:

I had such plans to feature food, the music and places! But I didn't take account of my exams.

Tomorrow is the final paper.

After tomorrow, words like, Classes, lectures, study and exams will be permanently deleted from my vocabulary!
(unless I in future I decide to continue studying but that's not of importance now.)

Anyway bear with me a little longer with  the lack of updates and pretty soon I'll be back in the swing of things with some plans still in the inner recesses of my grey matter ready to be implemented.


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