Thursday, March 10, 2011

Location: The Tin Tin Shop Singapore

Oh wow, I just found out, the beloved comic book hero of aspiring boy detectives has its very own shop here in Singapore!

(Image: Open the Toy)

I remember watching borrowing Tin Tin Videos back in secondary school from the school library cos my brothers insist I borrow them and they'd watch it over and over again till it was time to return them.

Mr. Wonderful is also a huge fan of Tin Tin.
I'm thinking of planning a trip there.
I think I'll start collecting the comic books for my brothers to enjoy.
I'm an awesome sister.

For more photos and the address check out Open The Toy by Leon. Thanks for the heads up! I'd never have known about the shop.


  1. Still remember Rin Tin Tin...ngeeee...

  2. Thanks for the link. The books are definitely a must have.


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