Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A new pair of suede shoes

Did I mention I went shopping over the weekend? I spent a bomb and I'm feeling guilty. not really haha!

I bought a stilettos from Charles and Keith. It's platform tho not so high I'll bumble about. And guess what? 

Its suede again.

I am obsessed with that finish! Its just gives a soft but unfinished look and yea, no scuff marks! Not visible at least compared to patent leather finishes.

Well I needed a pair of stilettos for my Graduation D&D, I actually saw it a few weeks back and it was a Sales item so I knew there's a high chance they may no longer have it when my big shopping trip comes around but yes,
 there's a Shoe God!
(Blasphemousof me when Lent is just round the corner!)

They not only have it but they have it in my size. I wear a Charles and Keith size 28 by the way.
(Just in case a Shoe Fairy exists :P)

Oh its strappy. But chunky strappy. Delicate strappy shoes scares me. I've had a bad experience and let's just say, I walked home barefooted one night.

No photos for now. I'm too lazy and I'm not at my semi-working laptop writing this. But I promise it'll be up! If not you'll see it in my end look for the Dinner!

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