Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week 16 - Cluedo!!

Week 16 - Cluedo

School has started! :D

And for third years students, we seem to be quite free.

Last year it was Wii Rayman's Raving Rabid and this semester's hot game to pass the time is Cluedo!!

Its a damn awesome game AND it looks like The Lepak Club is active again!

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Great Mysteries Of The Universe

Above is the product I promoted the last 3 days.

It tastes really really good but sadly overpriced.

While working, I discovered one of the Great Mysteries of The Universe.

The Human Tongue.

It really eludes me you know as to how sensitive the tongue can get.

I understand if its sour but to detect 6.8g of sugar really impresses me.

Is it because they're diabetic or have a fear of getting diabetes that they get really really sensitive to sugar content in food products that they can tell immediately that there's some sugar??

Or is it because they're becoming super humans??

And how the heck did one of the lady taste the sodium in one tiny cup of sour sparking juice???

Friday, April 16, 2010

A Quickie

Here's Another Quickie Post!

I'll be away this weekend working. (Boo!)

So that means my blog will be kind of quite, unless you all decided to throw a chatbox party here while I'm away. (No fair!)

So thanks to my classmate YT. (Can't find her blog)
Apparently she works for a company as a promoter of things. What things? Alot.

I have a feeling the prettier you are the sexier the outfit and better things to promote. Well apparently she's quite prettay. Haha

So they needed more more promoters to promote food stuff and she rounded up us (classmates and I)
Hehe, doesn't it totally rock to be in a class of 20 where 15 are of the female variety??
So I'll be working at Carrefour Suntec City promoting some vitamin drink.


If you're there drop ya?

That's all. Gotta go :D

And don't hold that party without me!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ink on my brain

Since I've been getting questions/compliments on my "tattoo" I figured I'd do a post on tattoos!

First thing first, up there is the photoshop brush I used for my tattoo. Ugly huh? It looks way much cooler when it was tiny. Lol.

Well Jerine got inspired by my tattoo and is drawing some designs which she will show me!

Anyway I have a issues with tattoos.

1. I LOOVE them
2. The conflict is in getting one.

Why? I got an uncle who's my younger brother's age and at 10 he got diagnosed with blood cancer I think. The details are sketchy since I was still young and they didn't tell me anything being young.

There was a reason why we went back to the phillippines that year during the holidays. Which was for my mum and dad to get their blood tested to see if they are suitable to be the blood marrow donor. I was still too young to donate so me and younger bro were just there for the holiday.

Well it was kind of his last chance.

No donor, no hope.

And in 3rd world countries, its VERY HARD to find a donor unless its from a family member and for every match from my family, his body rejected the blood marrow.

He had an older brother who COULD possibly be the closest match.

He went to the hospital and came back without being tested.

Because he had gotten a tattoo.

The doctor said he had to wait at least a year for him to be able to donate.

But my younger uncle didn't have a year.

When we came back, that was the last time we saw my younger uncle.

Can you see where my conflicts lie?? WHAT IF my older uncle didn't get a tattoo, my younger uncle may still be alive today wrecking havoc with his cheeky personality.

Oh and every year, I try to donate blood. The word try being the keyword cos everytime I do so, my temperature's too high or I was down with flu.

Well anyway if I do decide on getting a tattoo, Mr Wonderful and I looked through some cool tattoo images online and found some inspiration.

This is cute but I won't get it if I want to.

This is Helga Webber's tat! I love her blog!

Or maybe in script??

The only awesome quote that I'll never tire of is from Ivana Trump, she said,

"Don't get mad, get everything"

Now that's a good quote but it'll scare off potential rich guys.

Oh and another issue. What happends when you get old??

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

When Shopping goes Astray

I WAS so so proud of myself this past two weeks.

I tamped down my impulsive behavior.

Well at least my impulsive behavior towards shopping.

This 6-7 weeks of working and no play at all made sure I have enough cash to last me through my semester, or at least through 1 month or so IF I'm careful with my cash flow.

I even managed to put aside some cash for a new pair of jeans cos it finally took me this long to realise, that MAYBE straight cut and skinny jeans don't flatter my child bearing hips.

But I don't like boot cut especially if the flare at the bottom is so wide it makes me look like a hippie from the 60's.

Anyway, I decided that yesterday was the day to buy a new pair of jeans. So I popped by New Look after work cos they were having a sale.

I love New Look!

I saw a pair of jeans, bootcut, there wasn't much flare to the bottom and it looks fine. I tried it on and I faced a road block.

One that I've always faced when it comes to buying bottom wear.

My hip size doesn't correspond with my waist size.

I'm a size 10 bottom. Its waist line is PERFECT. But I can't zip it up. You know why???

I have a size 12 hips.

Oh the trouble. Now if it was in UK sizing, (Size 12 = 40, Size 10 = 38)
Size 39 would be kinda perfect on me, still a little loose on the waist but a belt could hold it up.

So I got depressed and wandered around the shop looking at other clothes, trying them on, irritating the hell out of the changing room lady.

And oh my gosh, I found the cutest dress ever!

I wanted to get it but I saved up my money for jeans and I was in a dilemma. I called Mr. Wonderful for a practical opinion, (Couldn't call my best friend since, she'd egg me on to get the dress) He didn't pick up.

Soo I went home..


Yes I bought it!!

Self Portrait II

Lookie lookie isn't it cute!!

Don't mind my tired look and messy hair.

By the way, I'm getting a tiny bit fustrated with my camera. Recently my shots have been grainy but my ISO settings aren't that high but I end up processing my photos like the above to hide the grainy-ness of it.

A little help? (Hi Henry! :D)

Self Portrait I

And here's a totally inspired but lousy shot. Even after all the editing it still looks kinda sucky. I would have used it for my header but I seem to have this weird glow around me. Huh.

PS: That's not a real tattoo. I brushed it on. :P But lately I've been thinking of getting inked.

And oh, I need to save up for my jeans again.

Monday, April 12, 2010

15/52 - My Feet

Week 15 - My Feet

I have ugly feet.

They're my most neglected body part. I don't take care of them enough.

I really should start appreciating it more like bringing them for massages, a proper pedicure and applying tons of potions and lotions to make it look pretty.

And yes its coated with purple glitter nail polish.

Sparkly Nails

See even my finger nails are coated with purple glitter nail polish. (Yes I know, I can't apply nail polish for nuts but I'm kinda hoping its mesmerizing glitter-iness will distract people from my messy application)
My baby sister is even mesmerised by it. She took a look at them said,

"Pweety... Shiinnyy!"

I figured that since once you reach a certain age, you can't wear shiny purple glitter nail polish anymore with looking like you're trying to be younger than your age. It'll only work if you're a tween, a getai singer or Madonna.

Being almost 21 is still OKKAY to wear them!

Besides, I feel like I'm 15 again. I'm trying to recapture my youth. I was too busy studying to enjoy being girly.

Outsider looking in

Don't you just have days feeling like this?
Where you're immersed in the country's way of life but not part of it?

I still do after living in Singapore for over 15 years.

 Anyway, I'm in the midst of doing up another mixtape for you all. So stay tuned!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I'm going IN!


I actually registered for The Y Bloggist 2010 by OMY.

Haha! Maybe I should register for SG Blog awards 2010??

I figured if I want to wake up famous, I got to do something about it instead of waiting for Fame to give me a wake up call.

So umm, do me a favour nominate for me??
I'd love you forever if you do so. Besides, more nomination wouldn't hurt my chances right??

So please go to SG Blog Awards 2010 AND The Y Bloggist 2010 to nominate me.

A room of one's own

In 1929, Virginia Woolf published an extended essay, based on her lectures at a women's college at Cambridge University in 1928. One of the many questions Woolf ponders in this book is whether or not a female writer could produce art of the high quality of Shakespeare. She agrees it's possible, but she says:
 "a woman must have a room of her own if she is going to write."
I love that quote. It speaks to me. It tells me of freedom and of independence.

I'm currently in a state of gloom and doom. I ACTUALLY can't wait to start school.
I realised I have more freedom then. So please please let school start soon!


Week 14 - Grey Skies

Has it already been 14 weeks??
Wow. I'm surprised that I've been doing nicely for my Project 52.

The weather's been unpredictable lately. The forcast promised cloudy but the grey skies broke open and there was a downpour, leaving me stuck at Borders.

Not that I mind much. It seems as if the weather's been reflecting my unpredictable mood lately.

Oh well. In other news, Mr. Wonderful on heavy medication freaks me out! He's so stoned on them, it was as if he had this personality trnasplant.

He told me he wanted to make Batman's utility belt for himself.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The funny things he says

I have issues. With lots of baggages.

Enough to make any man run in the opposite direction.

I have issues with tupperware, flower-flavoured food, food with faces(except fish), sleep and oh, a thousand other things.

And my biggest baggage is of course my family.

Its rather heavy and burdensome and I can't exactly get rid of it.

Now Mr. Wonderful must be crazy to love me.

But I'm not going to look in too deep into that, if I discuss it with him, he might get a bout sanity and try to run away to the end of the galaxy.

Mr. Wonderful's awesome cos he's who I dump all my issues and baggage on. And he certainly has a way of turning things around.
 Just read the following serious conversation I had with him.

Mr. Wonderful: Just think of it baby, when you're married to me things will be better. 
Me: I hope so. 
Mr. Wonderful: It will be
Me: I do want to marry you, but it feels like the future is still so far away and I can't seem to see what will life is going to be like when I'm with you? What do you see?
Mr. Wonderful: Naked XD
I think I'll make our conversation snippets be a regular thing on the blog. Although it seems as if Mr. Wonderful's remarks tend to be sexual in nature.

I'll start recording down our conversation from now on. No pressure baby to come up with witty remarks.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

NN Symposuim 2010

 Meet Zara and I.

Graduates of SMU

We went to the NN Blogger's Symposium last Saturday. Held at SMU

And apparently we camwhored alot too.

Now who's this bugger guy??

He's the winner of the Mini Photo contest and with his really really adorable photo of a kid who got her nose squashed by the balloon! He got the New Canon Poweshot S90 and I'm jealous. D:

And here's the awesome long queue for the food. As an event planner, I really thought it could have been done better. But as an attendee, it was worth the wait. Lol.

And here I took a photo with Xiaxue!!
She's so petite and really pretty despite the photoshop!

Zara of course took a photo with her too!

And this is the crowd that turned up for her workshop, and if you're guessing which workshop we attended, you guessed right!

More Camwhoring. I'm really surprised at myself sometimes. I don't usually camwhore alot.

Must be because of the awesome topic we're going to learn about by the Camwhore Queen herself!

Here they are setting up. You gotta love her Zhnged pink viao laptop/

And we begin!!
 Lookie lookie! Its a rainbow!

Zara again! Where's my photo??

 She works photoshop like magic! I won't tell you tho. If you want to know you've got to sign up next year!


Oh and Kenny turned up. And with a few helpful suggestion from the crowd like false eyelashes, blushers and straightening his brows, Xiaxie prettified him!

Monday, April 5, 2010

(image from

Sometimes I wonder why I decided upon Event Management as my career choice??

Its stressful, tiring, fustrating and often times high risk.
I just came back from Terrappin's office, one of Singapore's biggest corporate events management company. Its an awesome company but here's what I notice, only temporary staff like me can sit back and relax in our seats while the others, are practically on the edge of their seats.


Anyway, I'll be busy tomorrow once again in the running a conference.
 I think I love events management cos its controlled yet unpredictable at the same. 

Its never boring.

Friday, April 2, 2010

How to Wake Up Famous!

Or feel like it!

One of my idiosyncrasy is that I must listen to music when I leave the house all the way to my destination.

If I don't I know my day won't turn out right.

And to really really make sure its perfect, the songs I listen too has to be kickass.

Its become almost a ritual. I'll be out of sort if I don't get my daily dose of kickass music.

So presenting to you my awesome Waking Up Famous Playlist!

1. She's got you high - Mumm-Ra
2. Sunken-Eyed Girl - Mike Doughty
3. Generation - Emerson Hart
4. Awakening - Switchfoot
5. Stars - Au Revoir Simone
6. Romantic Comedy - Stars
7. Chelsea Dagger - The Fratellis
8. Hands Open - Snow Patrol
9. Electropop - Jupiter Rising
10. Dirty Business - Dresden Dolls

I love listening to these songs to start my day, cos they're kickass, the lyrics are awesome and empowering in a kickass way, and the music is upbeat and happy (and kickass).

Word of the day: Kickass.

Click to download.


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