Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ink on my brain

Since I've been getting questions/compliments on my "tattoo" I figured I'd do a post on tattoos!

First thing first, up there is the photoshop brush I used for my tattoo. Ugly huh? It looks way much cooler when it was tiny. Lol.

Well Jerine got inspired by my tattoo and is drawing some designs which she will show me!

Anyway I have a issues with tattoos.

1. I LOOVE them
2. The conflict is in getting one.

Why? I got an uncle who's my younger brother's age and at 10 he got diagnosed with blood cancer I think. The details are sketchy since I was still young and they didn't tell me anything being young.

There was a reason why we went back to the phillippines that year during the holidays. Which was for my mum and dad to get their blood tested to see if they are suitable to be the blood marrow donor. I was still too young to donate so me and younger bro were just there for the holiday.

Well it was kind of his last chance.

No donor, no hope.

And in 3rd world countries, its VERY HARD to find a donor unless its from a family member and for every match from my family, his body rejected the blood marrow.

He had an older brother who COULD possibly be the closest match.

He went to the hospital and came back without being tested.

Because he had gotten a tattoo.

The doctor said he had to wait at least a year for him to be able to donate.

But my younger uncle didn't have a year.

When we came back, that was the last time we saw my younger uncle.

Can you see where my conflicts lie?? WHAT IF my older uncle didn't get a tattoo, my younger uncle may still be alive today wrecking havoc with his cheeky personality.

Oh and every year, I try to donate blood. The word try being the keyword cos everytime I do so, my temperature's too high or I was down with flu.

Well anyway if I do decide on getting a tattoo, Mr Wonderful and I looked through some cool tattoo images online and found some inspiration.

This is cute but I won't get it if I want to.

This is Helga Webber's tat! I love her blog!

Or maybe in script??

The only awesome quote that I'll never tire of is from Ivana Trump, she said,

"Don't get mad, get everything"

Now that's a good quote but it'll scare off potential rich guys.

Oh and another issue. What happends when you get old??


  1. I agree, tattoos really up your cool ante. But i'm more concerned about sagging skin and when that happens, tattoos will only make my skin look not just old, but also dirty. Tsk.

  2. OMG, i really really would want a tatoo but i'm more concern about the sagging part. Once you get old it's gonna come up NASTY! :S

  3. I've never heard that once you tattoo you can't donate blood. Seriously this is the first time. Anyway, I want to get an empty bird cage with the door open.

  4. I love tattoo but i didn't have one.

  5. Hey I'm commenting on this a bit late but I wanted to offer my opinion about getting old with tattoos. I'm 30 and I have a bunch. The truth is, as morbid as it sounds, you might not live to see 60 or 70 or whenever your skin sags so might as well live for yourself now instead of for yourself at 60....


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