Monday, April 18, 2011

Advertorial: Spice Brasserie

Last week some G+ members were invited to a food tasting at Spice Brasserie.

Spice Brasserie is a restaurant in Park Royal Hotel. A very chic and elegant hotel.

(image: Hong Peng)

They specialize in buffet menus but they also have ala carte items.

They are having a wonderful promotion of featuring specialized dishes for different days and as it was a Tuesday, we had a wonderful Thai Cuisine spread!

The spread is extensive with over 60 dishes! There are a two permanent fixtures at Spice Brasserie and they are their famous Teochew porridge and the Japanese sushi bar that serves the freshest sashimi you can find!

It was quite unlucky for me that day that I wasn't feeling that well that I couldn't take some of the dishes.

(Thai Cold Dish)

What I loved:

Tom Yum Soup
Flower Crafted Dim Sum
Warldof Salad
Pumpkin Pudding
BBQ food items
Thai Green Curry

 Say hi to the female chef in charge of the buffet. Chef Jeeranan. Its quite rare to have a female chef and she prepared everything on her own! Even the beautiful fruit carvings!

The restaurant is also perfect for corporate events and birthday celebrations!

Oh and I believe that Spice Brasserie is having an Easter Special, a children's buffet with lots of fun activities.
So mummies and daddies, if you want to do some shopping, why not drop of your kids here for the children's buffet. Don't worry the staff are friendly and can take care of your children. Just remember to pick them up on time!
(image: Hong Peng)

For such a high end buffet the prices are definitely value for money with the lowest price being $27++ for a normal buffet lunch on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays lunch.

If however you want to try a more specific buffet, their offers are.

Tuesdays: Thai Buffet
Thursday: Japanese Buffet
Friday Dinner, Saturday Lunch and Dinner and Sunday Lunch: BBQ special

For more information or a reservation don't hesitate to call the restaurant to find out more!

Spice Brasserie
Park Royal Hotel
Kitchener Rd
Level 2
6428 3160

(Please read my disclosure policy on advertorials, all opinions are my own)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Weekend links!

Sorry for not having any music updates for the past two weeks everyone.

Or any updates at all. I've been sick and is still sick, rendering any inclination to blog for the moment.

Anyway once I'm good, hopefully by Monday, I do have a few things lined up, like a playlist!

I'm pretty excited bout that one and cos its in 3 parts. So yes 3 weeks of yummylicious music. :D

Anyway here are some cool links and a video. Its a long list cos it looks like rain and who would want to venture out when Singapore rains?
(Apparently me.. sigh)

Awesome pictograph of how women see colours vs. men. Frankly I'm pretty sure men are slightly more perceptive but not to the point where they can the difference between cream and eggshell white wedding invitation.

(The next few links are awesome DIYs if you're itching to do something)

If you're eco-friendly type of person, I think this DIY is for you! It teaches you how to make your own perfume out of natural ingredients and not only that, creatively store it in a locket to carry it around!

I have an obsession with ombré anything. So this DIY is in my list. Dye your own ombre denim daisy dukes.

Sharks have vaginas for brains. LOL!
(source: unknown)

Black Swan is kinda old news now. (Natalie Portman's in a new movie about a mother dealing with the loss of hey newborn) But check out this photographs by Mads Teglar at the Royal Danish Ballet.

This looks so yummy!

Poloroids of athletes by Andy Warhol in the 70s! Now you know that cheezy 70s movie of jocks aren't exaggeration. Thinking of a retro theme party in mah head now. (via fieldguided)

ARE you excited about the royal wedding???
I am! Gosh! I watched Princess Di's wedding (my mum recorded in on tape I think), her devastating death in 97 and the touching funeral.

And now Prince William is getting married!!

No I'm not devastated, I've always had my eyes on Prince Harry if things with Johnny Depp doesn't work out. (Creepy fan girl much)

Anyway here's a beautiful illustration of Prince William's and Kate Middleton's wedding procession route.

This two nail polish colours from Essie's spring 2011 collection is divine! Should I order some or should I buy the ones I saw the other day?

How many of you love Zara's lookbook for March (and April)?? I adore their crepe maxi skirts in bold colours.

This font rocks!

Umm. I think I'll stop here. Overload of links and reads. Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kitchen: How to Make a Cheese Plate

The other day, Mr. Wonderful and I went out for a date.

The type where good conversation is the main activity and the rest are secondary.

My first encounter with Cheese, is during my F&B module, where we learn't about the different types of cheese; soft, semi hard & hard; cow's milk, goat's milk or cow's milk, and how they're made; traditional or modern and their origin; French, Italian, Spanish & etc.

My next encounter was when he wined and dined me at Basilico at Regent Hotel.

Ooh boy, Italian food is good! Especially with the buffet spread of antipasti and that was where I tried Italian cheese for the first time.

Mr. Wonderful LOVES cheese.

And on this particular date., not the Basilco dinner. Seeing as how there's a cheese plate on the menu. He ordered one. Just two cheese cos we were stuffed.

Brie ( His favourite) and a Spanish hard cheese, of which I can't remember the name. *sigh*

It was sublime.

Only yesterday, I got into a conversation with a couple of bloggers, Joyce and Clarence about cheese and what are our favourites.

Then I saw this guide on how to make the perfect cheese plate.

(image by Jamie Beck via Cup of Jo)

I love Joanna Goddard. She blogs about the most amazing things!

Here are a couple of pointers on how to make the perfect cheese plate (based on the guide by Joanna and from own experience:

  • Have a variety of cheese from soft to hard, cow's milk, goat's milk or mixture &etc. The number of cheese? Not more than seven.
  • Get a big board, usually a chopping board and arrange the cheese from hard to soft.
  • Serve cheese at room temperature.
  • Have a variety of accompaniment or garnish like olive oil, honey, jams, crackers, nuts, dried fruits and fruits. Whatever rocks your boat. I love raisins and jam!
  • Umm.. don't eat the rind. Some are edible but others are not, like wax, or ash.
  • If you're a wine aficionado, good for you! Serve wine that pairs with cheese. If not, you can always ask a cheesemonger for his reccomendation!
 (Image: Joey Stein)

I did a little bit of research and found a couple of places to buy cheese:

The Grocer
Block 9 #01-12 Dempsey Road, Dempsey Hill
Singapore, 247697

Jason's Market Place
at various, locations. There's one at Raffles City Shopping Centre

La Fromagerie by Edith and Julien
5 Mohamed Sultan Rd, 239014
BLK 43 Jalan Merah Saga #01-64Chip Bee Gardens, Holland Village,
Singapore 278115
Cold Storage
various locations

Plaza Singapore Shopping Centre
Suntec City Shopping Centre
The Cellar Door Deli & Wine Cafe
#01-108/109 Vivo City, 1 Harbour Front Walk

OR if you find that you'd rather dine than make your own platter. Check out these few places.

Basilico Restaurant (Love the italian cheese!)
The Regent Singapore
Level 2
1 Cuscaden Road, Singapore249715

The Grocer
Block 9 #01-12 Dempsey Road, Dempsey Hill
Singapore, 247697

La Fromagerie by Edith and Julien
5 Mohamed Sultan Rd, 239014
BLK 43 Jalan Merah Saga #01-64Chip Bee Gardens, Holland Village,
Singapore 278115
The Cellar Door Deli & Wine Cafe
#01-108/109 Vivo City, 1 Harbour Front Walk
The Line
Shangri-La Hotel Singapore
22 Orange Grove Road
Global Kitchen
Pan-Pacific Hotel Singapore
7 Raffles Boulevard

The National Geographic Cafe Singapore
VivoCity, 1 Harbourfront Walk

Apart from Basilico and the National Geographic Cafe. I'm not so sure about the rest. Its hard to find reviews on the cheese selection available.
In my opinion, your best bet lies in the Deli/Cafes like The Grocer, Cellar Door and La Fromagerie. I bet the cheesemongers/chefs will be able to recommend a good cheese platter your can create or dine on if you plan to eat at the place instead.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Puma Social - Store Party at Limited Etd Chambers

How was your weekend everyone?

I started my weekend on a Friday night and it was pretty wild and it mellowed out to not so wild but equally awesome and relaxing.

So yes, I'm gonna post bout my wild Friday night and the wonderful stuff that followed in another post.

Thanks to Hong Peng, I went for the Puma Social Store Party at Limited Etd Chambers in Marina Bay Sands. I RSVP-ed late for the event but called Hong Peng when I found out he got tickets.

I've heard of Puma Social Club and utterly love their campaign and idea of after hours athlete. I'm not a really sporty person. The only sports I play are badminton, frisbee and a bit of swimming.

What really attracted me to the event was the Foosball! Or table soccer if you prefer.

Mr. Wonder actually plays and was Singapore Polytechnic's champ in 08/09 together with another friend, so I do know how to play a lil bit.

The concept is to play after hours sports like Foosball, Darts, Bowling, Ping Pong etc with a drink in your hand.

Apart from the games. Totally love the props they provided for photo ops! I think all events are no fun unless they have some photobooth.

In fact they even have Puma girls on skates taking poloroids!

Limited Etd. Chambers is actually a store. So the merchandise was all on display. I'm afraid to say as the night wore on, a number of them probably got damaged from spilled drinks.

Drinks were free. From vodka mixes, to wines and champagnes and good old beer.
Despite the number of times you'll see me holding a cup or a bottle in some photos , I only drank two drinks that night, not counting Red Bull.

Sadly I didn't get George Young's number.

Loved loved this chandelier/light fixture.

A few bloggers I met while it was still early. I only know Ruiting and Valerie here. Ruiting on my left and Valerie on the right.

And yes I of course made use of the props!

 Honey was there with her beautiful mum.

 And so was Thiang. I love how I look here. Haha! I did try to see if I could recreate this pose but nope. Haha.

I did tweet that I would play foosball and I did for a couple of times. And I couldn't believe me & Thiang I actually played with the FHM editor and Singapore's foosball champ.
Well Thiang did point out the FHM editor, Marcus to me earlier on but it was too crowded.

One word. I was starstruck that day.

Lots of local celebs attended from Pamelyn Chee, Jade Seah to Irene Ang.

I did take photos with them but I don't want to photo bomb you all.

 Some of the local celebs taking photos.

And umm. Yea. Me resting my head on George. I'm mortified. (and secretly delighted)

Music was good! Really good. Everyone was really really in the mood to have fun.

And guess what? Since I collected six stamps, I got invites to the Finale Party! I'm bringing along Thiang and I really cannot wait for it.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Buffalo Wings Yo!

Last Saturday was fun! I went out with Mr. Wonderful, My BFF, my friend Wei Zhong and a few of his friends to try out the infamous Buffalo Wings at Singapore Flying Club(?).

Took a couple of photos while waiting for my BFF and Wei Zhong. We were late.

Getting to Sunset Grill and Pub is such a pain. Its locate in Seletar East Camp at the Singapore Flying Club.

There are 3 ways you can get there.

1. Take the LRT at Sengkang Station West Loop to Thanggam(?) Station. Walk to Jalan Kayu, then take the bus 130 and alight after Seletar Camp and walk. 
Follow the hand made signboard that says Sunset. 
You can't miss it. Its done in neon paint but be very very alert cos its not like a huge billboard with flashing lights.

In fact its about knee high and might be covered by grass or other signboards made to direct people to the aviation companies located there.

Oh and its quite a walk to get there mind you.

2. By car if you drive. Parking however might be slightly difficult.

3. and finally by taxi, like what we did.

Oh and the address is 140-B Picadilly Road and they're closed on tuesdays. and to go back, its the same. You have no choice but to call a cab and please pray that the driver has GPS or has heard of the place.

When we arrived the sun was just setting.

Rather picturesque and the area although isolated, makes me think of photo shoot opportunities and strangely reminiscent of my mum's home town. No lights. Dirt road, crickets and isolated from the urban jungle. Nice.

Mr. Wonderful on the other hand was just plain creeped out.

As I mentioned before, I'm not really good at taking photos to post on my blog once I start having a good time and when I do take photos, I have to consciously tell myself I have to.

I was kinda bored waiting for the rest so I did take a few shots before dinner.

 Testing out the bulb mode in my camera and managed to take a decent bokeh shot. ^^

We of course ordered the infamous Buffalo Wings. with the different level of spicyness.

We only tried Level 1 and 4 and not the legendary level 30.

Level 1 because we had a couple of people who couldn't take spicy food. and Level 4 cos its a fairly decent level in our opinion.

Here's what happened. Mr. Wonderful took only a bite. BFF, took it in stride, Wei Zhong's face turned red and started perspiring but was rather enthusiastic, WZ's friend, the one who couldn't take spicy food and ate only the level 1 wings said, "We should have ordered the Deep Fried Wings instead",

 and as for me,

I took on the challenge. Ate a wing but the awful stinging and burning sensation lingering on my tongue and especially my lips made me order a cold glass of milk to neutralize the effects.

Yes, milk helps and yes its on the menu.

Some tips:

1. Don't wear heels.

2. Make a reservation. 
Hah! To see the expression on the people in long queue was priceless as our group breezed past them.

3. Don't wear white.

4. Arrive early. The place opens at 4 and their last order is at 9:30 pm although you can stay till 11:00PM.

5. Know a few good campfire songs to pass the time while walking to the main road.
We walked instead of calling a cab. Then we flagged a cab. Strangely lotsa cabs pass by the area, as in the main road.

(My favorite beer and its complementary to the buffalo wings. We ordered a bucket and it was "on the house" see no. 6 below)

6. Check your receipt. Ours had a discrepancy but we didn't alert the staff cos it was in OUR favor.
 (Yes I believe in Karma and yes, its gonna bite me in the ass soon)

Oh and if you see anything weird along the way. Ignore it.

We saw an old man sitting outside one of those WWII era shop houses and there are a couple of things we notice.

1. He was wearing only shorts, much like a POW(Prisoner of War) then would wear.
2. He was skinny like a POW.

Mr. Wonderful: whispers* Is he real?
Me: whispers* I think so.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nuffnang G+ at MegaZip Adventure Park

Yay! Finally I get to blog this. I was too caught up playing Sims 3. :P

So the first ever outing for the newly formed G+ is the MegaZip Adventure Park.

We basically got to try all the activities they have there.

We first started off with the rope course, ClimbMax. Three levels of daring-ness. A few of us inlcuding me dared to tackle level 3. 12 metres off the ground!

While the rest tackled what they felt comfortable with.

There are a few things for sure,

1. The view is wonderful

2. The activities are exhilarating 

3. Fun, Fun, Fun!

At the end of the day, I have never felt such a rush and I worked up quite an appetite.

More photos will be uploaded soon on the Facebook Page!

Monday, April 4, 2011

70s inspired

Long hair. I love it. I've always favored having shorter hair length and I haven't sported long hair since I was in Secondary 1 and was dubbed "Hermione" in school.  

For the wrong reasons. (As in her hair in the first Harry Potter movie)

Having long hair is such a pain that most of the time I just put it up in a ponytail or a bun. And that washing it can be such a pain. I take forever in the shower.

But having long hair is fun! Altho I put up my hair in a ponytail or a bun, I do it with a twist when I'm out.

Like this bun.

I hate letting my hair down but I so do love the Farah Fawcet look of the 70s.

So this is my 70s inspired hair when I met up with a friend to celebrate his birthday a few weeks back albeit slightly less overblown.

Kinda an easy look. It helps if you have bangs.

Spray a bit of hair spray. Curl your hair. Do a centre parting and tease the crown a lil bit and viola! 

A 70s inspired hairstyle!

Not much of a tutorial but I'm still getting the hang of styling my hair when I go out.

(PS: This kinda just a filler post. Cos I'm going out today and I've yet to edit photos I took over the weekend! >.<)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weekend links!

Two days of awesomeness! And I promise to blog bout it. :D

Tonight, I'm gonna try the famous (infamous) buffalo wings at Seletar and see how tolerant I am of spicy food.
(I'm just praying to get past level 1)

Anyway some awesome links!

Okay I missed out on yesterday's music post. So here is it. Someone Like You by Adele. Things were kinda up and down for me and this song made me cry when I listened to it.
I *heart* this complaint form by Miss Moss. Have you ever received a bad gift in your life before? For me quite a number.

This DIY Maxi Dress is so beautiful! I wish I could make something like this - A Pair & a Spare

Do you admire Audrey Hepburn?? Check out this flickr filled with Audrey photos! via The Drifter and the Gypsy

I guess this is it for now! Are you doing anything exciting and spicy this weekend??


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