Saturday, April 16, 2011

Weekend links!

Sorry for not having any music updates for the past two weeks everyone.

Or any updates at all. I've been sick and is still sick, rendering any inclination to blog for the moment.

Anyway once I'm good, hopefully by Monday, I do have a few things lined up, like a playlist!

I'm pretty excited bout that one and cos its in 3 parts. So yes 3 weeks of yummylicious music. :D

Anyway here are some cool links and a video. Its a long list cos it looks like rain and who would want to venture out when Singapore rains?
(Apparently me.. sigh)

Awesome pictograph of how women see colours vs. men. Frankly I'm pretty sure men are slightly more perceptive but not to the point where they can the difference between cream and eggshell white wedding invitation.

(The next few links are awesome DIYs if you're itching to do something)

If you're eco-friendly type of person, I think this DIY is for you! It teaches you how to make your own perfume out of natural ingredients and not only that, creatively store it in a locket to carry it around!

I have an obsession with ombré anything. So this DIY is in my list. Dye your own ombre denim daisy dukes.

Sharks have vaginas for brains. LOL!
(source: unknown)

Black Swan is kinda old news now. (Natalie Portman's in a new movie about a mother dealing with the loss of hey newborn) But check out this photographs by Mads Teglar at the Royal Danish Ballet.

This looks so yummy!

Poloroids of athletes by Andy Warhol in the 70s! Now you know that cheezy 70s movie of jocks aren't exaggeration. Thinking of a retro theme party in mah head now. (via fieldguided)

ARE you excited about the royal wedding???
I am! Gosh! I watched Princess Di's wedding (my mum recorded in on tape I think), her devastating death in 97 and the touching funeral.

And now Prince William is getting married!!

No I'm not devastated, I've always had my eyes on Prince Harry if things with Johnny Depp doesn't work out. (Creepy fan girl much)

Anyway here's a beautiful illustration of Prince William's and Kate Middleton's wedding procession route.

This two nail polish colours from Essie's spring 2011 collection is divine! Should I order some or should I buy the ones I saw the other day?

How many of you love Zara's lookbook for March (and April)?? I adore their crepe maxi skirts in bold colours.

This font rocks!

Umm. I think I'll stop here. Overload of links and reads. Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Lol nope, not excited about the prince's wedding. Only interested to see how they spend their money for the wedding. Hahaha :P


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