Monday, April 11, 2011

Puma Social - Store Party at Limited Etd Chambers

How was your weekend everyone?

I started my weekend on a Friday night and it was pretty wild and it mellowed out to not so wild but equally awesome and relaxing.

So yes, I'm gonna post bout my wild Friday night and the wonderful stuff that followed in another post.

Thanks to Hong Peng, I went for the Puma Social Store Party at Limited Etd Chambers in Marina Bay Sands. I RSVP-ed late for the event but called Hong Peng when I found out he got tickets.

I've heard of Puma Social Club and utterly love their campaign and idea of after hours athlete. I'm not a really sporty person. The only sports I play are badminton, frisbee and a bit of swimming.

What really attracted me to the event was the Foosball! Or table soccer if you prefer.

Mr. Wonder actually plays and was Singapore Polytechnic's champ in 08/09 together with another friend, so I do know how to play a lil bit.

The concept is to play after hours sports like Foosball, Darts, Bowling, Ping Pong etc with a drink in your hand.

Apart from the games. Totally love the props they provided for photo ops! I think all events are no fun unless they have some photobooth.

In fact they even have Puma girls on skates taking poloroids!

Limited Etd. Chambers is actually a store. So the merchandise was all on display. I'm afraid to say as the night wore on, a number of them probably got damaged from spilled drinks.

Drinks were free. From vodka mixes, to wines and champagnes and good old beer.
Despite the number of times you'll see me holding a cup or a bottle in some photos , I only drank two drinks that night, not counting Red Bull.

Sadly I didn't get George Young's number.

Loved loved this chandelier/light fixture.

A few bloggers I met while it was still early. I only know Ruiting and Valerie here. Ruiting on my left and Valerie on the right.

And yes I of course made use of the props!

 Honey was there with her beautiful mum.

 And so was Thiang. I love how I look here. Haha! I did try to see if I could recreate this pose but nope. Haha.

I did tweet that I would play foosball and I did for a couple of times. And I couldn't believe me & Thiang I actually played with the FHM editor and Singapore's foosball champ.
Well Thiang did point out the FHM editor, Marcus to me earlier on but it was too crowded.

One word. I was starstruck that day.

Lots of local celebs attended from Pamelyn Chee, Jade Seah to Irene Ang.

I did take photos with them but I don't want to photo bomb you all.

 Some of the local celebs taking photos.

And umm. Yea. Me resting my head on George. I'm mortified. (and secretly delighted)

Music was good! Really good. Everyone was really really in the mood to have fun.

And guess what? Since I collected six stamps, I got invites to the Finale Party! I'm bringing along Thiang and I really cannot wait for it.


  1. The event certainly looks fun babe!!

  2. This looks fun! Wished I was invited! :(

  3. hello! nice to have met you there! ;)

  4. @zaza yup!

    @Nurul G+ is sending out invites for the Finale Party I think so there's still a chance!

    @cherring hi! nice to meet you too!


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