Thursday, May 20, 2010

Advertorial: If I could turn back time..

If I could turn back time...

I'd ensure I would never have an akward or socially embarassing moment in my life.

I'll give myself more time to study for my exams!!

And solve all conspiracy theories in the world!! Aren't you just curious if crop circles are really done by aliens and people who claims they've been abducted are saying the truth??
And who the heck built Stonehenge??

Who wants to find out who really killed JFK?

That's what I'd do if the Gods gave me the dagger. What would you do??

 Catch Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Movie starting from 27th May 2010 and join the official Facebook and Twitter page!

Credit: Images from the web

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gah! Ugh! Bleah!

Me saying, "I'm not in a good mood" is a gross understatement.

I'm cranky, restless and tired.

I'm having my period and I'm down with the flu.

I have cramps, my lower back aches, my head feels tight and my eyes are strained.

I have my mid-term tests in two weeks and I can't concentrate.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

19/52 - Kitty Kat Ears!

Week 19 Kitty Kat Ears

I am Childish.

Or to put it in a better word. Child-like, whimsical and impulsive.

First was the finger puppets I bought from IKEA. 

And now Kitty Ears Headband from Daiso.

They have it in white but I thought I'd look better with black kitty ears. Oh and they had bunny ears! But Kitty Kat Ears are way much cuter no??


I wore it around the Plaza Singapura when I first bought it but I took it off cos Mr. Wonderful didn't feel comfortable with people staring at me. D: Such a spoilt sport.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The funny things he says

Yesterday Mr. Wonderful managed to get an off day from his duty and decided to hang out with me at school.

We had breakfast and with an hour to spare, I decided he should check out Moberly and play Wii.
When he graduated, they installed Wii and he never knew about it till I told him about how my clique would rent it every friday, last semester.

We played Rayman's Raving Rabid 2.

And here's what he said.

Mr. Wonderful: When we get married the first thing we need to get is, Wii, a sofa and a TV....
Oh and a bed.

He ammended that list when his Wii remote ran out of battery.

Mr. Wonderful: When we get married we need to get a Wii, sofa, TV, a bed...
and rechargeable batteries.

Now frankly, I think we could do without a sofa. We can just install the Wii and the TV in the bedroom. Saves time. But if he wants a sofa, I'm fine with it.

Cos I can make him sleep on it if he starts ignoring me for the Wii.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Live It Up! Without Lighting Up!

On Saturday some bloggers and I were invited to witness something.

For Breathe's Live It Up Campaign.

That's HP there and Raine!

So here's the gig, someone approaches the 'victim' and asks the person if he or she is a non-smoker and then

Out of nowhere pops out this cheer squad to cheer her healthy lifestyle!

Hooray for her she's living it up without lighting up!

The cheer squad!

I wish I could kick that high!

Raine and Elise then brought us to Nihon Mura at The Cathay for Dinner! Yummy!

Okay to tell you the truth, this was my FIRST ever bloggers outing. FIRST EVER.

I was super excited but reserved also.

But I think I mixed well with them. We all have something all in common, we have cameras, (except poor William who told me he lost his in a toilet) we love food, and we love taking photos!

I didn't really take much photos of the food but I did..

take photos of bloggers taking photos!

We took photos before the food was served

While it was being served.

Before we dined it.

And after we dined it.
 Haha I guess its cos we won't look so glam while eating that's why we didn't take photos while eating. And we ate quite alot!

Anyway, you'll be seeing the whole lot of us at Breathe's The Great Audio Experiment on 29 May!!

(Click image to go to website)

Its an event inspired by Improv Every's The MP3 Experiment!

Basically we'll be at different locations along Orchard Road tuning to 987FM and listening and obeying Mr. Young's instruction! (You have to watch the video to understand)

So do sign up and join us in the fun! I myself, can't wait for this event.

Its going to HUGE!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

18/52 - My baby sister

Week 18 - My Sister
Meet my sister.

She's cute, she's cuddly and she's loves hugging me!

She's also manipulative, hates homework and will try anything to stay home instead of going to school.

She's only 8.

I wouldn't really consider her the princess of the family cos she'd rather play with bakugans then my old barbie dolls but she is loved.

I originally bought those finger puppets from IKEA for myself. (Don't ask why! I just found them irresistable and cute and I wanted to play with them)

Apparently she's convinced me that they're hers now.

Taking her photos are fun!

week 18 Outtake 1

week 18 Outtake 2

See! And we had fun playing with the puppets as well!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Songs to Chill Out To At Night

Here's a little habit of mine,

When I luxury of time, I turn off everything and disconnect myself from the (internet) world at night, open up a book plug in my mp3 and read the book.

Or I'd open up this journal Mr. Wonderful gave me and write stuff with music in the background.
And its moments like this where you feel like you're the only one in the world, content and relax.

I promised awhile back to put up another mixtape and here it is! The songs I listen to when I want to disconnect myself and have some me time.

Songs to chill out to at night.

1. Warwick Avenue - Duffy
2. Black and Gold - Katy Perry
3. Lonely Lonely - Feist
4. 214 - Rivermaya
5. Just The Way You Are - Barry White
6. Beautifc- Glass Candy
7. Chasing Time - Alan Pownall
8. Breathless - Corrine Bailey Rae
9. Dream a Little Dream of Me - Mama Cass Elliot
10. Grow Old With You - Adam Sandler
11. Life in Mono - Mono
12. Take Off Your Cool - Norah Jones ft Andre 3000
13. Why Do You Let Me Stay Here - She and Him

Well what I have is more of a selection of my favourite chillout music, I seem to have quite an extensive playlist in my laptop hmm..

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Life is Sweet

And I just might get tooth decay from the sweetness of it.

Not that I'm complaining!

Two Things Today

The First 
I can't say. Check out my blog after Saturday then you'll know. Hee!

The Second
My Final Year Project is off to a great start! To refresh your memory, I'm an events student at Singapore Polytechnic. My final year project is an event.

Its a school event but its going to be major.

This event will be a major sucess.
Because we say so.

And yes I get my kicks from planning stuff. The more stressful it is, the more I'm determined to make it a sucess.

(Oh dear. I'm showing too much of my workaholic nature here. Definately will destroy my rep as a Lepak-er.)

I can't reveal too much also at this point of time about my FYP cos we need to discuss things with our supervisor.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Green-Eyed Me

No no, I'm not jealous. I just got my new pair of contact lens and guess what's the colour??
If you're colour-blind I apologise.

Its GREEEN People!!

I'm still quite not sure whether I like it or not.

So here's a quick Opinion Poll:

What do you think of Jan being Green-Eyed??

a) It suits you!
b) You look freakky!
c) Never had an opinion in my life and won't start forming ones anytime soon.

The downside to coloured contacts is that you're pupil size remains the same, you won't even know if it has dilated so you look really really freaky in the dark.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Week 17 - Two Ladies

Week 17 - Two ladies

I thought to give Street Photography a try and let me tell you how nerve wrecking it felt to take photos on the street of poeple!

For one thing, I don't want them to get angry and chase after me and smash my camera to bits. For another, with just a prosumer camera, I have to be close to the subject to take the photos. It would be so much more comfortable for me to take photos far far away if I could just have a telephoto lens. HAHA!

Anyway apart from that here's the reason for the DEARTH OF JAN ONLINE.

I'm in my final year and its just crazay! Oh and I fell sick and was out of it for two weeks. Grr. I hate being sick.

Apparently drinking all that vitamin drink sample lead to a spike in my vitamin C intake and when I stopped, my immunity level dropped really really low.

Like bottom of the pit low.

First I had sore throat and I developed a fever that would'nt go away for a few days. Then there's the fact that with the sudden intake of Vitamin C, I had sore gums and a sore on my tongue. This week I developed a dry cough, lost my voice and Mr. Wonderful could'nt talk to me on the phone.

In Sebby's words, This is worse than drug addiction.

If I knew that taking vitamin C and stopping the intake can cause such severe withdrawal symptoms, I'd never have drank it.


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