Sunday, May 2, 2010

Week 17 - Two Ladies

Week 17 - Two ladies

I thought to give Street Photography a try and let me tell you how nerve wrecking it felt to take photos on the street of poeple!

For one thing, I don't want them to get angry and chase after me and smash my camera to bits. For another, with just a prosumer camera, I have to be close to the subject to take the photos. It would be so much more comfortable for me to take photos far far away if I could just have a telephoto lens. HAHA!

Anyway apart from that here's the reason for the DEARTH OF JAN ONLINE.

I'm in my final year and its just crazay! Oh and I fell sick and was out of it for two weeks. Grr. I hate being sick.

Apparently drinking all that vitamin drink sample lead to a spike in my vitamin C intake and when I stopped, my immunity level dropped really really low.

Like bottom of the pit low.

First I had sore throat and I developed a fever that would'nt go away for a few days. Then there's the fact that with the sudden intake of Vitamin C, I had sore gums and a sore on my tongue. This week I developed a dry cough, lost my voice and Mr. Wonderful could'nt talk to me on the phone.

In Sebby's words, This is worse than drug addiction.

If I knew that taking vitamin C and stopping the intake can cause such severe withdrawal symptoms, I'd never have drank it.

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  1. I have the same phobia when it comes to street photography, especially some unhappy people would smash my camera. Not worth for one photo.


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