Monday, May 10, 2010

Live It Up! Without Lighting Up!

On Saturday some bloggers and I were invited to witness something.

For Breathe's Live It Up Campaign.

That's HP there and Raine!

So here's the gig, someone approaches the 'victim' and asks the person if he or she is a non-smoker and then

Out of nowhere pops out this cheer squad to cheer her healthy lifestyle!

Hooray for her she's living it up without lighting up!

The cheer squad!

I wish I could kick that high!

Raine and Elise then brought us to Nihon Mura at The Cathay for Dinner! Yummy!

Okay to tell you the truth, this was my FIRST ever bloggers outing. FIRST EVER.

I was super excited but reserved also.

But I think I mixed well with them. We all have something all in common, we have cameras, (except poor William who told me he lost his in a toilet) we love food, and we love taking photos!

I didn't really take much photos of the food but I did..

take photos of bloggers taking photos!

We took photos before the food was served

While it was being served.

Before we dined it.

And after we dined it.
 Haha I guess its cos we won't look so glam while eating that's why we didn't take photos while eating. And we ate quite alot!

Anyway, you'll be seeing the whole lot of us at Breathe's The Great Audio Experiment on 29 May!!

(Click image to go to website)

Its an event inspired by Improv Every's The MP3 Experiment!

Basically we'll be at different locations along Orchard Road tuning to 987FM and listening and obeying Mr. Young's instruction! (You have to watch the video to understand)

So do sign up and join us in the fun! I myself, can't wait for this event.

Its going to HUGE!!


  1. so nice go outing with bloggers, i've never been on one till today.. =P

  2. nice outing eh.... too bad i wasn't there with u all.. :)

    The CleverMunkey

  3. I' so hungry I can eat up your blog!


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