Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The funny things he says

Mr. Wonderful went for an outfield this week.

I over reacted and panicked that something might happen to him.

Well he came back from that outfield safe but the damage was done on my part.

Mr. Wonderful: Umm baby, I gotta go, its lights out.
Me: Alright. Muacks! Oh by the way, we can't make out anymore.
Mr. Wonderful: What??!! Why??!!
Me: I said I'd pray for you and I told God I'm gonna give that up if He kept you safe and he did.
Mr. Wonderful: No wait! Darn it! We'll talk tomorrow.
(Silent laughter on my part)
Me: Why?
Mr. Wonderful: I won't allow that, we'll talk tomorrow.
Me: How? (laughing out loud)
Mr. Wonderful: I'll talk to God.
Me: What?? (LOL)
Mr. Wonderful: I really got to go. Bye baby, good night!

By the way, I really asked that of God. I wonder how Mr. Wonderful will do to undo that??

Anyway here's another conversation we had through SMS.

Me: Gah! Do event planners really need to learn how to fix electrical wirings for lights?? Can't I just hire you since you're in EEE*
Mr. Wonderful: Sure? Just call me and I'll be you're electrician.
Me: And What will you bring??
Mr. Wonderful: Me and my tool belt. Nothing else. XD

Yes, he's a pervert.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Let the photos do the talking.

In my previous post I said I had a hard time choosing a photography for the week for my Project 52.

Now I wish I could just line these photos up for the next few weeks of my Project 52 but that's not in the spirit of the Project.

So here are the photos!

Food I ate that day.

Above is the Jelebi, so good! but can cause diabetes if eaten in large quantities.

Little India Garlands

Little India Garlands


Umm those are actually the windows of Fragrance Hotel. I just had to take photo cos apparently people are not their only guests.

Bugis Street I love Sex

And this was taken at Bugis Street the day I went shopping with Mr. Wonderful. I just basically put it in this pile of photos since I processed them the same way.

And in other new, I bought a photography book today.

150 Workouts For Student Photographers by John Easterby.

I love it because there are projects like just using a paper frame cut out to develop your 'eye' for photography, to different genres of photography.

Also cos they tell you to cover your ass by researching privacy laws of different countries and getting people's permission and to sign model release forms.

Its not just bout how to take photos but also everything else that's entailed to photography.
I can't wait to get started already! :D

13/52 - Keep The Faith

I had a hard time choosing my photo for this week because I took lots of photos and they were all so awesome and I want all of them to be my photo of the week but there could only be one. >.<

But figuring it was the holy week, a week I like to think of this week as the test of faith and I decided upon this photograph I took at an alleyway behind one of those colonial shophouses.

Week 13 - Keep The Faith

I of course processed the photo in photoshop and I love how it turned out.
This by far is one of my favourite.

And to give a bit of depth to this story, I'll tell you how I chance upon this grafitti and why I think it was put there.

I was actually at Little India that day, buying my favourite sweet, jelebi and I heard there was some alleyway cafe at Selegie Rd there so I decided to check it cos it sound so cool and fun to go to a cafe where only certain people can find it. Hehe.

When I went there, unfortunately it was closed.

I figured since I was there why not walk along it towards The Cathay cos I didn't want to make one big round to go the main road, what I didn't know was, it was a dead end. O.o

Sigh. but I came upon the graffiti!!

I of course took a photo. My camera's my best friend now. hehe.

Then I kinda realised something,

I saw couples walking through that same alleyway, thinking, this alleyway's a dead end.

I looked at the buildings opposite the graffiti, and guess what I saw??

Hotel 81 and Fragrance Hotel.

So now can you see why I feel like the grafitti's placed there??

Saturday, March 27, 2010

What I did during Earth Hour.

earth hour

Now tell me I'm awesome! Heh :D

Keep seeing light writing everywhere online and I thought to give it a try.
Had a bit of problem tho.

If I set exposure too high, the word won't show cos there's too much light, so I settled it by doing it painstakingly word by word.

Literally painstakingly.

I used a candle. Hot wax dripped on my foot, hand and the marble flooring of my home.

I spent half an hour taking photos and the other half scrapping wax off from the floor without scratching the marble. O.o Did I mention I did it in the dark too?

Tell me, was is worth it?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Something's going on at the office

There's this pretty pot of fake roses sitting on one of the desk in the office.
Now at first glance, its rather a nice full pot of roses.
And its a pretty unique pot of roses.
Its made of carved soap!! It apparently came from the Philippines, gifted to the Lady Boss here.
I decided to admire it more cos the scent is really nice and clean.
And to my horror, when I turned the pot, this is what I saw!!
Gasp! The horror!
This isn't the first time I've worked at this office and I remember very clearly the first time I saw this pot of roses last year, the pot was very much filled with these nice smelling roses.
Tsk tsk. Someone or someones have been pilfering these roses.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I am unexpectedly left alone in the office

With a laptop and an internet connection. So I'm going to catch up with my blogging! :D

Saturday! Was awesome! Why? I've had a very full week last week working for two events. Both conferences and both equally a pain.

1st was the BioPharm Convention Asia 2010 and the other was the International Conference on Early Childhood Care Education.

BioPharm was a pain cos we had to stand the whole day in business attire. BUT pay was good, food was good.

ICECE was a pain cos pay sucks, food sucks but work was easy. :D AV for a conference session. Only thing was, I had to listen to the same conference 3 times!! Something bout tapping into govt. resources for manpower needs. I was so ready to scream at them to halt and promise them I'll become a childcare teacher if they stop.

Lucky I didn't.

So Mr. Wonderful picked me up and we had a great time cos it is what I desperately needed. Relaxation. Jeez, I don't think I've ever been this stressed out during school term.

Mr Wonderful turns into the Red Hulk

That's him all disgusting like on Friday. >.< He just booked out and was tanned from playing ultimate frisbee. Show off! You'll be pasty white soon enough! Mark. My. Words. The world is Unfair like that. Women (me) who tans easily and men (Mr. Wonderful) who are as fair as the day they were born.

Both of us were desperate for some bloody steak o Saturday and decided on Aston's. We just didn't expect the crowd. O.o

So at this point of time, I began chewing on his arm. I was craving for meat ok! and his arms are quite meaty :D

We decided to explore a bit and we saw,

Steaks! Yum!

We both ordered Ribeye, rare and it comes with two side dish he had roasted potato and garden salad, i took sweet corn and roasted potato. I also ordered a mocktail. Can't remember the name but I remember the awesome stuff they put in it. Sprite/7Up, Lime Juice and Blue Curacao. Pretty much like a Shirley Temple if you use Grenadine instead of the Blue Curacao.

Next few shots of me taken by Mr. Wonderful. I have no idea why my face is scrunched up!

And then it was my turn to take photos!

He was emphasing something here but I can't seem to remember what he was talking about. I was more interested in taking photos. Hehe. Call it revenge for all the time he forgot certain important things.

Like the awesome wine rack they have.

And our bill. And what do you know, the mocktail's called Sapphire Dream! Oh our bill went up when he saw someone ordered ice-cream float O.o; I guess being in NS makes you appreciate the childlike things you miss out. Like waffles. Or maybe it's just cos he's like that. Heh. I'm just glad he doesn't crave for beer or smokes.

And then our food arrived almost matchy-matchy!

His with braised mushroom sauce.

Mine with blackpepper sauce! We exchanged sauce when I found mine too spicy, not that it isn't good. When you ask for blackpepper sauce, it's really blackpepper sauce, with the blackpepper really infused in the sauce.

After that I tucked away my camera and devoured my steak!!

Its $13.90 for the steak. Portions are smaller than Aston's but you know what??

The taste, oh the taste is so so much better!

But like Aston's you don't go to Indulge Cafe for a romantic atmosphere. It noisy and bustling! Perfect for dinner outing with group of loud boisterous friends!

So that's it! My much needed stress relief. I was stress-free for a full 12 hours till something cropped up. Lol. I'll never find peace.

What's your favourite youtube channels??

I love youtube.

You know why?? You can find ANYTHING there. Well except for pornography. So I'm going to share with you my must subscribe youtube channels.

1. Kevjumba

Reasons why I watch his videos.
1. He's cute
2. He's funny
3. He plays pranks on his dad
4. He's cute

Anyway here's my all time favourite video he did.
Why Girls are like M&M's

2. Happyslip

I love her because
1. She's funny
2. I love how she potrays the filipino habits we (by we, I mean the older generation) have in a funny way.

And here's a video!!

3. ChickComedy

A whole channel dedicated to female stand up comedians!!
I don't think I need to elaborate more.

4. panacea81

And this is the talented Lauren Luke! Youtube makeup extraordinaire!

5. College Humor

A classic. You have to agree. Apparently their videos don't have that embedding function so.. D:

Anyway, I don't want the list to get too long. I do subscribe to other channels but they're not as great as the above mentioned.

So what are your favourite youtube channels?? Leave a comment!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Starbucks Signpost

Week 12 - The Starbucks Sign

This was one of the first few photos I took with my powershot! I've been taking lots of photos but I don't think I'll post all. Most of them are on my flickr account.

Anyway this sign post is at the starbucks at Liat Towers. The day was kind of overcast. It just rained and it was a cold day.

Anyway I've been busy like crazy and I'm so so tired everytime I reach home, I couldn't be bothered to go online. D:

Friday, March 19, 2010

Another Quickie

Been SUPER Busy.

I'm currently working for a second conference. In fact I'm using the laptop for the conference proper later on. I'm AV crew for a room.

Since its bloody 7:45 AM, I have to wake up at an ungodly 4:30 AM to get here by freaking 7 AM, (Note to self: Work on vocabulary list) I've just basically set up the AV stuff already for the first session at 11 AM, so I'm sitting duck right now.

I'll be stuck in this room till 6 PM.


I came prepared tho.

Camera? Check.

iTouch? Check.

iTouch Charger? Check.

Hoodie? Check.

Snacks? Check.

earphones? Dammit!

Was so looking forward to watching friends if I get bored of Scrabbles, Plants v Zombies, Amy's Dessert Shop Tap Tap 3.... D:

Will update more on Sunday I hope!! For now I shall go on Facebook and catch up on my games. :D

Monday, March 15, 2010

11/52 - Pink Morning!

I got impatient yesterday and called the dude to see if I can get my baby that day and he said yes! So at 4:30 PM I officially own her! Now for a name.. any ideas?

Anyway, I brought her out yesterday evening cos I brought my baby sis to the pool and took some shots. But I'll post that later on.

For now here's my Photo for the week using my new camera!

Week 11 - Pink Morning!

Its of course edited, so here's the original,

Pink Morning Out Take 1

And an out take,

IPink Morning Out Take 3

PS: I stole the Hello Kitty Blankie from my baby sister. Its just soo soft and fluffy!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Meet My New Baby (or soon to be)

I've decided on getting a prosumer level camera. Second hand still.

Both Mr. Wonderful and I decided I don't really need a DSLR just yet. So with his monetary support, we surfed for second hand prosumer cameras.

And just our luck there was one for sale! I SMS-ed the dude who is staying at near my place (luck again) and I'll be getting my greedy grubby hands all over it on Monday 7:15PM!! (not luck, planned).

In case you're wondering what I got its Canon Powershot S5IS. It's a model dating back to '07 I frankly, am just fucking happy owning a camera where I'll take full control of even tho its still shared ownership. There are times where I love the fact that Mr. Wonderful's serving National Service. (hehe)

Here are some pics I got from the dude!

I'll be one trigger happy girl on Monday!

Friday, March 12, 2010

10/52 Do You Look Up?

yWeek 10 - Do You Look Up?

This is one shot I just took without thinking. I know its not really sharp cos I used a camera phone. But I took it cos I happened to look up while waiting to cross the traffic light From Cathay to McDonald House and saw how daylight gave way to night.

I know it doesnt really capture the vividness I saw. Anyway this photo's completely unprocessed cos any editing I did, didn't allow the colours to come through.

Anyway, try it sometimes. Look up at the sky. We're often too busy to do that.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Waking Up From My Melancholy

I'm back!!

Thanks for all the sweet comments on my previous post!

I've been drowning myself in Pet Society and such, just not ready to face anything just yet ever since.

But being me, I hate being like that. Pathetic. So what if I can't really change things. I'll just move along, I don't care very much for your ultimatum, thank you very much, I've got better things to do, have a great day!

With that I took a jog at night. Firstly I have not been jogging cos I needed my right knee to recover, I was being pathetic and I have a temp office job that's letting spiders form cobwebs in my underused brain.

So yea, joggging! Apart from ice-cream, its the next best remedy to shake yourself lose from all that melancholic, I'm pathetic mood. Highly reccommended.

Good thing tho, I lost a bit of weight from all the stress and blah blah blah. Just a bit.

So umm.. I think that's all for now. Work maybe easy sitting in Mr. Wonderful's mum office scanning stuff and typing out email but its boring at times especially with a slow internet!

So I won't be posting much.

Oh and PS. Who can reccomend me a beginner DSLR? I'm thinking of buying it 2nd hand so any suggestions on how to pick a 2nd hand one, like lenses and stuff would be good.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Raw, Bruised and Battered

I'm still not sure how much I should reveal and how much should I hold back in this post without being to vague.

Love is a very very confusing emotion.

And Touch is a very comforting thing when you're feeling vulnerable.

I never knew the extent of my vulnerability and how badly affected I truly was till earlier today on the bus home.

It was my breaking point and the flood gates were released.

I guess the lack of sleep, the morning argument and the horible feeling of restriction were the substances and what happened on the bus home was the catalyst for the paroxysm of tears.

Just resting my head on Mr. Wonderful's shoulders after not spending so little time with him for two weeks was bliss.

And I started crying on his shoulder. He of course asked why but I couldn't at that moment give him an explaination

It was only much later, when I wrote in our blog, I sorted out my thoughts and feelings and found out why.

And I started crying all over again.

Mr. Wonderful read our blog when he reached home, called me and told me,

"I love you so much"

And that of course started a fresh wave of tears.

I was so so exhausted by then but it took quite awhile for me to fall asleep.
When I woke up, I went to play the playlist of songs that reminds me of him. I could have saved myself the torture by not doing so but I did and of course cried again.

I seem to like to torture myself.

The next time I see Mr. Wonderful, I'll be asking him of one thing. I can't reveal it yet cos I don't want him to find out also.

P.S. If you do try and look for our blog, good luck. Its not under the account I use for this blog and its privatised. There are just somethings I like to keep to myself and not for the world to read.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Vanity and I just don't get along sometimes.

Jan The Monkey

and at other times we're like best of friends.


The holiday is so so sweet.

Gosh so many things to do and no idea where to start.

First of all,

Job!! Need Job! (If some one threw the book of Job at me.. ha-ha..)



Apart from that I love how I feel so relaxed. No assignments to hand-in, no projects to work on and no more late night mugging.

A brief respite cos I have a year more but I'll take it!

So what shall I do this holiday??

Hmm. Read Atonement by Ian McEwan for one.
Then I'll finally allow myself to watch it. I got lucky and found a book in the library to borrow or not I'd have to buy one. I really can't put it off any more. But if I did buy it, from what I've read so far, I think its a book worth buying.

And since we're on the topic of books, having no idea what to post about, let's stick to it. The topic I mean.

I need to find the book Perfume: Story of A Murderer. Bought it but misplaced it when I moved to my new place last September. I have not finished it. I want to finish it and watch the movie soon!

Oh and I need to own a copy of the Virgin Suicides. Read it, loved it, want to own it. Hee!
Note to self: Watch movie.

Ok before I bore you all to death with talks of books, especially the kind that makes you scratch your head, (Reading certain parts of Perfume over and over again) I'm currently reading werewolf books!

So sick of vampires. They're so last year. Except Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse Series. Love it. More of mystery than romance. Its even made into a TV Series! Watch it! If you can stomach the violence, blood, and lots and lots of partial nudity sex. True Blood, its on HBO I think.

Oh and Sebby, I know you read my blog, I want True Blood!! and Glee if you have. XD

So my holiday will be spent on,

  • Reading books in bed
  • Watching Friends and any other shows I can get my hand on
  • and hopefully having a job.
Not bad.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

9/52 My Rose Ring in Black and White

Week 9 - My Rose Ring

Ok there's my rose ring in black and white. I love the shadows.

I'm feeling kind of dissatisfied and stunted with what I've been doing latelty for my Project 52. I need inspiration! Maybe its time to take it to the streets???

I just need to own MY OWN camera and not one where its partially paid by me and my dad. Grr. I hate it when he hides it from me! IT'S MINE TOO! Partially.

Saving for a DSLR. Hehe Or a Canon Poweshot. Wait till I get one and I'll rub it in his face. He wants to be petty so shall I! I have more right to be petty at 20 compared to his 49 years.

(Jan think of LENT!)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Gala Premier Of Alice In Wonderland!

Itwassuperintimidatingtobethere!Somanypeopleandmybes friendsworeshesawsomelocalstars!

*Deep Breath*

Okay lets begin from the start.

First my dad was being childish and hid the camera from me so my best friend, Fran took photos for me. Thanks for that! (I really do need to get a camera of my own D: )

Before that Fran and I dropped by New Look to find a dress for her graduation. And we hit on a dress the moment she stepped in. She was gushing about how she loved it and that she's definitely getting it, before, during and after the movie.

We went to Lido and there were acrobatic performers! Oh and there was such a crowd!

We collected the tickets and met Raine! She's so sweet!

Photos of all bloggers!

And I finally met HP in person!

And here's a smaller group pic. HP just asked me to join. :P

Gala Tonight
Don't mind my chubbiness. I hate myself. No idea why I've not lost weight from all that running.

Anyway, there was like this long queue to go into the theatre and there were bag checks and giving up of handphones. At least no body check this time round. When I went for the Alvin and the Chipmunk Premier they did a body check O.o.

Well, I really enjoyed the movie but somehow the trailer makes it look so epic but oh well and if you don't know the story of Alice in Wonderland, be prepared to be confused as you're expected to be familiar with them. No long introductions into the personalities of the different characters.

Johnny Depp was awesome as the Mad Hatter. He's this intense character that turned half mad because guilt from everything that has happened to Underland. You can tell he was in love with Alice.

Too bad I can't find a card-board of Johnny while there. Oh well.

Anne Hathaway was really really different as the White Queen. She's graceful yet somewhat clumsy.

I'm loving Tim Burton who was perfect in directing this whimsical movie. :D It was beautiful, all shot on green screen. All digital but everything blended in so well.

Alice's costume were so beautiful. I want them!

Anyway camwhored with Fran on the way home. :D

Jan and Fran

I wore heels! That's why I was so tall! My friend's not a midget. :P


Oh and for those who were there, I was the one with the feathers on my head.


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