Friday, March 26, 2010

Something's going on at the office

There's this pretty pot of fake roses sitting on one of the desk in the office.
Now at first glance, its rather a nice full pot of roses.
And its a pretty unique pot of roses.
Its made of carved soap!! It apparently came from the Philippines, gifted to the Lady Boss here.
I decided to admire it more cos the scent is really nice and clean.
And to my horror, when I turned the pot, this is what I saw!!
Gasp! The horror!
This isn't the first time I've worked at this office and I remember very clearly the first time I saw this pot of roses last year, the pot was very much filled with these nice smelling roses.
Tsk tsk. Someone or someones have been pilfering these roses.


  1. So nice... What a great art. Who done that to the roses? Lack of soap at home?

  2. @supia Its actually pretty common back in the philippines. I guess handmade stuff like this are rare in SG and M'sia.
    I guess they desperately want a bath!

  3. lol.. people are desperate for the fragrance i guess? =P

  4. maybe somebody forgot to buy soap then just decided to nick one so they can shower before coming to work the next morning. hahhaa!

  5. @Ken its a mystery to me.. We can just speculate. :D

    @Mark Too bad there's no CCTV.. It would be interesting to find out who

    @eMz LOL!! Probably true! There's this lady... Hehe. I'm not one to gossip bout office mates if I want to live!


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