Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Shopping Haul From Last Week

I realised I did quite a bit of shopping last week! Awesome much?? And I said earlier I decided to post about it due to my lack of ideas for more substantial posts.

Anyway first up is I bought FIVE bottles of Nail Polish for A DOLLAR each.

Nail Polish!

My favourite's the green one but when I went back to get one for my Best, no more. D:

Rose Ring

Then I bought this ring! NOT from Forever 21 but looks like it. If I did buy it from F21, the gold plating wouldn't fade. D: It now has this copperish tinge to it.

Eyeshadow Palette

Then I went out with Best on Sunday! We were suppose to go for a wedding but she couldn't find the invite so we ended up shopping. She bought a bucket bag and we bought belts and an eyeshadow palette!

Eyeshadow Palette

Eye Shadow Palette

There was some sort of Bazaar at Far East Plaza and it was the last day so we got that for a steal! $10 for, 16 colour mineral shadow. It smells nice too, like baby powder.



The colours are really vibrant as you can see. We were kinda broke then if not we'd have bought some make up brushes too. Oh well. Can't wait till the lady sets up her website, we're definitely getting more.


And the two belts I bought. Needed a new one. My favourite was really chapped. D: All in all I spent about $25 for the whole lot?? Really really satisfied right now, or till when I get the urge to shop again.

That might be soon since Best and I found her graduation dress and she couldn't stop telling me bout how she loved it last night.

Up next! Gala Premier of Alice In Wonderland! For now, I need to study for my final paper! Gah!


  1. What a haul! that palette looks well nice! XD

  2. Great stuffs u have bought. :)

  3. I love the purple and blue nail polish! And your eyeshadow too! Jeles!!!

  4. wonderful girlz gadget! gluvk in ur exam!

    nanged u. nang to find out why i luv to eat SHIT!

  5. DAM, I wish i could but that much Boys stuff in Singapore with 25$

  6. @everyone Thanks! Hehe So happy

    @Jerine I love the blue especially :D


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