Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Waking Up From My Melancholy

I'm back!!

Thanks for all the sweet comments on my previous post!

I've been drowning myself in Pet Society and such, just not ready to face anything just yet ever since.

But being me, I hate being like that. Pathetic. So what if I can't really change things. I'll just move along, I don't care very much for your ultimatum, thank you very much, I've got better things to do, have a great day!

With that I took a jog at night. Firstly I have not been jogging cos I needed my right knee to recover, I was being pathetic and I have a temp office job that's letting spiders form cobwebs in my underused brain.

So yea, joggging! Apart from ice-cream, its the next best remedy to shake yourself lose from all that melancholic, I'm pathetic mood. Highly reccommended.

Good thing tho, I lost a bit of weight from all the stress and blah blah blah. Just a bit.

So umm.. I think that's all for now. Work maybe easy sitting in Mr. Wonderful's mum office scanning stuff and typing out email but its boring at times especially with a slow internet!

So I won't be posting much.

Oh and PS. Who can reccomend me a beginner DSLR? I'm thinking of buying it 2nd hand so any suggestions on how to pick a 2nd hand one, like lenses and stuff would be good.

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  1. Hei jan, it's good that u r moving on in ur life. Anyway, I will recommend u a Canon 1000d with its kit lens or Nikon D3000 with kit lens, a very good camera for a beginner and u can easily find second hand cam in most of the time u will be able to make COD with the sellers in nearest mrt stations. Good luck! :)


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