Saturday, March 27, 2010

What I did during Earth Hour.

earth hour

Now tell me I'm awesome! Heh :D

Keep seeing light writing everywhere online and I thought to give it a try.
Had a bit of problem tho.

If I set exposure too high, the word won't show cos there's too much light, so I settled it by doing it painstakingly word by word.

Literally painstakingly.

I used a candle. Hot wax dripped on my foot, hand and the marble flooring of my home.

I spent half an hour taking photos and the other half scrapping wax off from the floor without scratching the marble. O.o Did I mention I did it in the dark too?

Tell me, was is worth it?


  1. hehe, that's real talent there. never thought of that

  2. yeah.. definitely is! for me, it just came and passed by.. lol =P

  3. Wow, I really love the pic so much... Very lovely..

  4. Wow niceeeee! What a great idea!


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