Saturday, March 13, 2010

Meet My New Baby (or soon to be)

I've decided on getting a prosumer level camera. Second hand still.

Both Mr. Wonderful and I decided I don't really need a DSLR just yet. So with his monetary support, we surfed for second hand prosumer cameras.

And just our luck there was one for sale! I SMS-ed the dude who is staying at near my place (luck again) and I'll be getting my greedy grubby hands all over it on Monday 7:15PM!! (not luck, planned).

In case you're wondering what I got its Canon Powershot S5IS. It's a model dating back to '07 I frankly, am just fucking happy owning a camera where I'll take full control of even tho its still shared ownership. There are times where I love the fact that Mr. Wonderful's serving National Service. (hehe)

Here are some pics I got from the dude!

I'll be one trigger happy girl on Monday!


  1. this model is quite good, has lowest ISO at 80 and goes up to 1600. The hotshoe mount for flash is quite convenient if u wana get an external flash for ur cam... a very good choice i should say which u will still look like pro at the same time its within a low budget (a good price for 2nd hand). Can't wait to see ur test shots!!! :D enjoy ur new cam!!!!

  2. So this ur new baby!! Post some shots from this cam okie?? Hehe! =D

  3. :) Prosumer cam :) Can't wait to see what it can do

  4. i thought u gonna deliver a baby..... hahahaha

  5. by monday u should be able to do nice photoshoot.....

  6. after this u can make a new photoblog for u pichas collection.....

  7. u so pro....i still not able to handle my cybershoot :-P

  8. Ahahahaha... I got the same camera!!!! It's a very good choice. I super love the camera.

  9. @Henry he threw in a Raynox Adaptor but when I saw the prices of the lens I was like O.o

    @Ken Thanks! I definitely will!

    @kisahremajah lol! Sorry for misleading you!

    @hazman Hopefully :D

    @kenzo Lol!

    @ohmywtf hehe read books and the instruction manual

    @Jerine I got lucky! Its second-hand and only for SGD380!


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