Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The funny things he says

Mr. Wonderful went for an outfield this week.

I over reacted and panicked that something might happen to him.

Well he came back from that outfield safe but the damage was done on my part.

Mr. Wonderful: Umm baby, I gotta go, its lights out.
Me: Alright. Muacks! Oh by the way, we can't make out anymore.
Mr. Wonderful: What??!! Why??!!
Me: I said I'd pray for you and I told God I'm gonna give that up if He kept you safe and he did.
Mr. Wonderful: No wait! Darn it! We'll talk tomorrow.
(Silent laughter on my part)
Me: Why?
Mr. Wonderful: I won't allow that, we'll talk tomorrow.
Me: How? (laughing out loud)
Mr. Wonderful: I'll talk to God.
Me: What?? (LOL)
Mr. Wonderful: I really got to go. Bye baby, good night!

By the way, I really asked that of God. I wonder how Mr. Wonderful will do to undo that??

Anyway here's another conversation we had through SMS.

Me: Gah! Do event planners really need to learn how to fix electrical wirings for lights?? Can't I just hire you since you're in EEE*
Mr. Wonderful: Sure? Just call me and I'll be you're electrician.
Me: And What will you bring??
Mr. Wonderful: Me and my tool belt. Nothing else. XD

Yes, he's a pervert.


  1. LOL
    He's a funny guy! :p
    A promise made to God is a serious promise ya! :)
    Keep safe, stay healthy.

    The CleverMunkey


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