Monday, March 15, 2010

11/52 - Pink Morning!

I got impatient yesterday and called the dude to see if I can get my baby that day and he said yes! So at 4:30 PM I officially own her! Now for a name.. any ideas?

Anyway, I brought her out yesterday evening cos I brought my baby sis to the pool and took some shots. But I'll post that later on.

For now here's my Photo for the week using my new camera!

Week 11 - Pink Morning!

Its of course edited, so here's the original,

Pink Morning Out Take 1

And an out take,

IPink Morning Out Take 3

PS: I stole the Hello Kitty Blankie from my baby sister. Its just soo soft and fluffy!


  1. Lol... ur hello kitty blanky looks really comfortable on u :p

    The CleverMunkey

  2. the camera nice right? right? right?

  3. ooh, you look lovely first thing in the morning and i think i'm turning lesbian. hahaha! jk!


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