Friday, March 19, 2010

Another Quickie

Been SUPER Busy.

I'm currently working for a second conference. In fact I'm using the laptop for the conference proper later on. I'm AV crew for a room.

Since its bloody 7:45 AM, I have to wake up at an ungodly 4:30 AM to get here by freaking 7 AM, (Note to self: Work on vocabulary list) I've just basically set up the AV stuff already for the first session at 11 AM, so I'm sitting duck right now.

I'll be stuck in this room till 6 PM.


I came prepared tho.

Camera? Check.

iTouch? Check.

iTouch Charger? Check.

Hoodie? Check.

Snacks? Check.

earphones? Dammit!

Was so looking forward to watching friends if I get bored of Scrabbles, Plants v Zombies, Amy's Dessert Shop Tap Tap 3.... D:

Will update more on Sunday I hope!! For now I shall go on Facebook and catch up on my games. :D

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