Monday, March 29, 2010

Let the photos do the talking.

In my previous post I said I had a hard time choosing a photography for the week for my Project 52.

Now I wish I could just line these photos up for the next few weeks of my Project 52 but that's not in the spirit of the Project.

So here are the photos!

Food I ate that day.

Above is the Jelebi, so good! but can cause diabetes if eaten in large quantities.

Little India Garlands

Little India Garlands


Umm those are actually the windows of Fragrance Hotel. I just had to take photo cos apparently people are not their only guests.

Bugis Street I love Sex

And this was taken at Bugis Street the day I went shopping with Mr. Wonderful. I just basically put it in this pile of photos since I processed them the same way.

And in other new, I bought a photography book today.

150 Workouts For Student Photographers by John Easterby.

I love it because there are projects like just using a paper frame cut out to develop your 'eye' for photography, to different genres of photography.

Also cos they tell you to cover your ass by researching privacy laws of different countries and getting people's permission and to sign model release forms.

Its not just bout how to take photos but also everything else that's entailed to photography.
I can't wait to get started already! :D


  1. oh so that's jelebi.... never tasted it before... haha!

  2. love to see the picture that u took. gud job gal

  3. whoa, you've got some natural talent there. keep it up! :)

  4. nice pics!! i miss bugis street! i love shopping there!

  5. AMAZING PHOTOS!! I shall ask you to capture me next time! :PP

  6. LOL... I [heart] sex too! LMAO!!!

  7. @Henry Its really nice and sweet!

    @ddy the writer Aww thanks!

    @eMz Haha! I'm a photoshopagrapher! My talents in editing. :P

    @wen I love Bugis Street!! Best place to shop in my opinion

    @Aaron Haha Sure!

    @Jerine Then you'll love the shop that's below the sign!! HAHA!

  8. "I love sex". Don't we all? Human nature, no? :-D

  9. @Gallivanter Lol! Hell yea!


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