Thursday, March 25, 2010

What's your favourite youtube channels??

I love youtube.

You know why?? You can find ANYTHING there. Well except for pornography. So I'm going to share with you my must subscribe youtube channels.

1. Kevjumba

Reasons why I watch his videos.
1. He's cute
2. He's funny
3. He plays pranks on his dad
4. He's cute

Anyway here's my all time favourite video he did.
Why Girls are like M&M's

2. Happyslip

I love her because
1. She's funny
2. I love how she potrays the filipino habits we (by we, I mean the older generation) have in a funny way.

And here's a video!!

3. ChickComedy

A whole channel dedicated to female stand up comedians!!
I don't think I need to elaborate more.

4. panacea81

And this is the talented Lauren Luke! Youtube makeup extraordinaire!

5. College Humor

A classic. You have to agree. Apparently their videos don't have that embedding function so.. D:

Anyway, I don't want the list to get too long. I do subscribe to other channels but they're not as great as the above mentioned.

So what are your favourite youtube channels?? Leave a comment!


  1. i like #1,2 & 5... but i think happyslip is not as active as before.... at the moment, community channel, kassem-G & shaytards are in my frequent list! hehe

  2. OMG. Thanks for putting this up. I was looking for funny videos on Youtube but cannot seem to find any. BTW, check out user pyrobooby. He's one funny and racist Chinese boy


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