Sunday, January 31, 2010

One Year and Six Months

29th January officially marked One Year and Six Months Anniversary,Mr Wonderful and I.

As he books out from camp that day we decided to celebrate on the 30th. Which we also found out that day was Thaipusam.

One of our very first date was dinner at Fish and Co. Paragon. If I remember correctly it was our first date before we got together two weeks later.

He suggested we go to the one at the Glass House next to Park Mall for lunch.

Mr. Wonderful

Oh and I wore heels to mark the occasion. I still can see the marks on my poor feet still.

A really hungry me. Looking really wilted. Walking in heels is no joke. Especially in the hot weather.

So basically we had appetisers. Really good Appetisers.

The Appetisers

The Mussels in Garlic Butter Lemon sauce! Ohh it was so good! Especially if you dip the bread that comes with it in the sauce!

Mussels in Garlic Butter Lemon Sauce

And Fried Calamaris! Okay this is a must have but I'd have to say sadly that the Mussels took all my attention. IT WAS JUST SO GOOD! You can tell by now I'm obviously a big seafood fan.
Fried Calamaris

As for our main, we shared. Its Chilli Crab! I didn't know Fish and Co even has this on the menu!

The Chilli Crab

Look at how big it is! Be prepared to make a mess tho and don't wear white! Lucky I brought a cardigan with me.
The Chilli Crab

Basically its served with the shell all broken apart and pieced back together for presentation's sake and the pincer is partially cracked.
It comes with bread to wipe the sambal clean off the pan!

Be prepared to use your fingers, the shell cracker is given to you but watch out for shrapnels whan cracking these huge pincers!

And now for a Fish and Co. traddition. Gulping down big chunks of ice!

This time, its the Seamonkey Freeze!

We did this too during the first date we had. Lol.

After our lunch we decided to walk off all that ice and and seafood.
And ended up watching a bit of the procession.

1 year and 6 months 012

I love events like this! It just show the cultural and community spirit. Way much better than the current 'modern' events I learn about. Its awesome to see that its not only Hindus there but others to watch, support and cheer on the Devotees.

And those Kavadi's are really beautiful! Each time the Devotee dance it bounces along in rythm with the peocock feathers waving in the air.

No idea what I'm talking about, watch.

I love how they sing, drum and encourage the devotee along that long procession!

Anyway, we walked to Orchard Central. (Gah! My feet were killing me!)

At Orchard Central
Gosh I hate my big teeth. Inherited from my mum's side of the family.

And there's this flea market thing going on. I think its till next weekend if I'm not wrong. We bought some old post cards from this guy that has his booth on the fourth floor. He has these amazing movie post cards that you won't get anywhere else! Unless you're a collector, you won't mind forking out $20 for the postcard of Yoda for The Clone Wars. (I Wanted it D:)

Oh and if you know Le Flirtini, they sell really good accessories and Mr. Wonderful bought me a feather headband from there.

Me wearing my new hairband. You can't see much of it tho.
The Girl with Feathers in her Hair

After that we met up with his parents at City Hall to have dinner and for Mr. Wonderful to do abit of shopping.

Oh and I believe Mr. Wonderful is aptly named because he massaged my feet when I really couldn't take the pain despite them being dirty and probably smelly as well.

He does the sweetest things.

The Day after when we went for mass. my hair pretty much resembles the feathers on my new hairband.
The Day After

Handmade for the Month

Yay! Just in time! I thought I would be canceling it out of my 2010 resolution. I just hate going back on my word.

Anyway presenting to you my Chanel brooch! Handmade of course.


What do you think? Now why'd I come up with something that just goes against my principles of copying a copyright item??

It started last year, I figure since I like doing Handmades stuff, why not sell them. I've a classmate who has a blogshop and suggest I do a Chanel-ispired brooch.

Of course there's nothing "Inspired" bout this piece cos its an out right copy of their logo.
I could of course have made it pop art-ish by using patterned cloth for the the interlinked 'Cs' or I could have done something along the the line of I *heart* *Chanel logo*

She did of course tell me it won't sell like that.
I was in the middle of making this sample piece for her but I thought half-way through I'd rather not sell'em. AT the same time, I don't like unfinished work.

So the question is should I or should I not sell these? Albeit in limited numbers only.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Nang, Dang Thank You Mam

Ok If you have been on Innit recently, like 5 minutes ago (Time Check: 11:43 PM SG)
And has been reading the drama happening over at the chat board you'll know what I'm talking about.

If not, too bad because I won't rehash it. After watching silently the war of words. A few things came to mind.


Innit's pretty much like a real time forum. Shouldn't there me a moderator around? Usually if a moderator's around, he/she will step in. Usually blocking the parties involved for a while.


Here's a suggestion, instead of having this bloody system of which ISSUES time and time and time and time and again have been brought up by various bloggers.

Why not this?

No Nanging.
No Danging.
Just the number of views.
Honest views.

Reason's why this is better:
1. People actually view your posts instead of nanging for the sake of doing so.

2. Problems like above won't happen because
i) You can't dang.
ii) You can choose to boycott people who post up links there.
iii) It discourages fights.


With that said, I'll forward this to Nuffnang. Better than blogging bout it and Nuffnang doesn't see it.

Friday, January 29, 2010

I Look Like a Fucking Hipster!

I've been known to just pop into any hairdresser and impulsively just get a new hair cut, usually of the experimental kind.

New Hair cut


Most of the time I regret doing so but I'll end up loving it I guess. But I look like the hipsters you see on MySpace! Grr. All I need now is tattoos, piercings and a small dog in my bag. Not that I have anything against them.

I think they're cool!

Left Profile

What I regret bout this new hair style, is my bangs, or the shortness of it, and how short my layers are!! My hair is still kinda long, its been thinned. Why is it, when I ask for my hair to be layered, they want me to cut it thin??

Gosh half my hair is gone! It took me a year to get my hair to the length that it was!

Right Profile


Hopefully it'll grow out by 22 November. For once Jan, please let your hair grow long, or you'll be threatened with extensions.

PS: If my fringe/bangs grow out, let's say 6 weeks from now. I'm getting it cut straight. like this,


I love Zooey Seschanel! I love the hipster roles she plays. I loved her in 500 Days Of Summer. And maybe I'm really a hipster at heart.

My Fear of Old Ladies

Yesterday morning on my way to school, I happened to get a seat on the NEL assuring me a very comfortable ride all till Outram Park Station.

I was reading a romance novel while listening to my iTouch. (Its Mr. Wonderful's but judging by how its often in my company, you can just consider it mine)

Now I wasn't sitting in the priority seat and I was quite engrossed in the book I was reading, (The young Scottish lord was about to kiss and possibly ravish the wealthy impossibly gorgeous sweet young thing) when I felt a tap on a soldier, an old lady in her early 50s, lets name her Sweet Old Lady 1 or SOL1 for short, asked me if I could possibly give up my seat for SOL2 who looks about past her 60s.

Of course I gave up my seat, despite what my dad says that I'm a rude, good-for-nothing, get what I mean.

I thought nothing bout it, stood up, gave it up, gave them a smile and continue reading my book. (By now, The Scottish Lord was caressing her full bosoms).

Once again, SOL1 tapped me on the shoulder to thank me and both of them continued to smile at me and that's when I noticed that SOL2 has a gold tooth.

I continued reading when SOL1 tapped me again. (Seriously what's up with the tapping?) The old lady in the priority seat alighted the train and SOL1 was seating on it, she offered it to me and I accepted. Lol Of course not!

So alot of smiling again from SOL1 and SOL2.

SOL1 alighted and tapped me again. Seriously how was I suppose to enjoy the ravishing of the full bosom-ed sweet youn thing when I keep getting tapped like that?!

Well she asked me to take her place and I did after asking a lady if she wanted to. (If I were a man, I wouldn't sit at all in trains I'd make out to be an excellent man. If only all men were like that)

Of course having witnessed all the tapping and smiling and me giving up the seat, she said its fine.

So I sat and opposite me was SOL3 and SOL4 Smiling and nodding at me.

Well there seems to be quite a number of Old Ladies today, I thought. Then I remembered something.

Of course I freaked out! I burried my nose in my book literally and hoped that I won't have my necked ripped out by these old ladies.

Now if you don't know what I'm talking about, go watch this,

I'm pretty sure my sudden irrational fears of ladies is well totally irrational and I'll get rid of it, but till the details of the movie Legion is no longer clear in my mind, I'm just going to try to avoid them.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I checked out my nuffnang page to see how many visitors I got and was kinda surprise that when I clicked on my main blog (I have 3 registered blogs) - This blog that is, I saw this.


Now usually I would see only the sky scraper rating. So a shout out to all nuffies, do you have this? What does this mean? and How'd I get it??

Questions I hope to get answers to!


Thanks to Jas for explaining! I feel like an idiot sometimes.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Funny Video

Feeling extremely guilty as well.

Last sunday I was down with sudden bout of depression that started on saturday(its not really depression luh, I just hit rock bottom that day - you get that sometimes) Mr. Wonderful decided to try to be my side that day and thus skipping Legionmeeting (essentially its a church youth group we're in not the scary twisted movie of God's revenge on Mankind).

And missed the surprise Legion planned for him. A very BELATED (10 days) birthday surprise.

I heard they ended up singing over the phone for him as he was at his mum's office at that point of time.

So they posted a video up on facebook. I can't embed it but if you do bother in looking it up its here: THE VIDEO

I think its really funny that they went ahead without the birthday boy.

Monday, January 25, 2010

4/52 Boat Quay

Week 4 of Project 52 is up! The last for January.

This week's photo is of Boat Quay through sepia glasses.

Week 4 - Boat Quay

Or you can say Boat Quay through endless photo editing. This is definitely one of my favourite.

If I had it my way all my photographs for Project 52 will turn out like this. But that'd be boring wouldn't it? And that would also not let me improve myself.

Boat Quay Original

And this here is the original photograph.

Oh and its only week 4 and I'm running out of ideas?! A little help yea? Throw in a few suggestions to the comment box below!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Whole New Level

Well yesterday I managed to go out with Mr. Wonderful despite my reluctance and obvious disposition (usually to curl up and be miserable and pathetic).

I heard Legion bought him a cake. He feels guilty for not going for meeting.

I feel guilty for not going AND making him decide not to go(note his free will, no brow beating involved) cos he's worried and blah blah blah over me.

I'll just skip all the things we did yesterday and get to the root of it.

I think, I feel that Mr. Wonderful isn't just a guy I go out with, kiss, hug, talk and laugh with.

He has grown to be much more than a friend, a boyfriend, a lover. He's more of a soulmate now.

We've talked of getting married, having kids and growing old together and it never really hit me till today.

It scared me, scares me still. I'm always someone who've alway held back a little part of me because I'm afraid of losing, of hurting. I never realised that till today, I've totally lost myself.

And when I realised that. I cried.

And it was then that I was faced with a choice. 'Fess up or withdraw to myself and give myself this tiny shred to keep to myself.

I took a breath, smiled at him and told him.

And all that time he hugged me and told me everything will be great and to be not afraid.

He's said a lot of times but when he said "I love you" to me at that moment. It was special

A Review

Ok, since this is the last week of January and the month is over, let's review my resolution which I posted here

1. Not be late for class
So far, so good! Only late once or twice. I'm pretty sure its fine, come on, don't be too hard on me, I'm trying!

2. Project 52!
Booyah! Love this project! I already got my Week 4 ready to be posted on Tuesday or Wednesday

3. Work out twice a week.
I am awesome! So far 3/3 resolutions kept! No significant weightloss but I love how I have less flabs and more muscles! I've been running and working out 2-3 times a week!

4. Learn the guitar.
Umm I know which part of the guitar is which?? Darn it, I'm still trying to learn one song

5. Keep a budget of my expenses.
Pfftt. With my family finance in an almost ruin (thank god they paid for the electricity and the internet!) This is pretty much on hold cos I never know if I'm getting any allowance at all

6. Save at least $200 and not touch it at all.
I have $20! :D One where I kept for myself and didn't give to my parents.

7. Make conscious effort to review my modules! Especially for this term.
Hee! I rawk!

8. Take care of my skin especially around my eyes,
Well I'm sleeping more

9. 12 months, 12 craft project.
I have one! Craft means $$$

10. Ease up on the electronic gadgetry and the alluring, glamourous world of the internet. Not counted: Research for assignments. No choice, must go online. Doesn't mean I shall blog less often.
Having the internet cut off helped.

So, Everything's pretty much on track. I'm much happier now after that.
Makes me feel that I'm not such a lousy person afterall.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Internet Woes

I'm cut off from the world.

well my parents have hit a financial bump, well more like a quagmire but please don't get me started on that. I'm dissappointed and pissed off at them right now for letting things go this way and now are crying over it(my mum at least).

Shit it looks like I'll be talking about it after all. I'll list it down to make it more easier for me.

Let's see,

1. Our land line's cut off.

2. Internet's cut off.

3. Our lights are next.

4. Strangely our cable's not gone yet. Is it because of those damn filipino dramas?? Their priorities are screwed.

Why do you think it came to this?

1. December, you decided to have the Rosary Devotion at our house. That requires, food, lots of food.

2. Christmas period, bought unnecessary new clothes for siblings when they have red shirts. You had a white shirt and yet bought one and charged for them when I gave you what little cash I had.

3. Volunteered to provide sandwiches for the fellowship after Novena Mass even tho there's no money to feed us, you still went ahead and fed others.

4. Christmas parties - I didnt go cos I knew we would be late in coming home late, taking cabs home definitely took out a large chunk.

5. Our Christmas Party - More money to feed others. None for us. Note: textbooks for siblings have not been bought.

6.In January Rosary Devotion to end the month long devotion.. More money to feed others. New Uniforms are needed.

7. We're in this shit BECAUSE??!!

One good thing about this. I can stay out more cos I have assignments to complete.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My mood chart

Mood: Getting happy

I kinda realise I have a mood pattern. And to not waste words, I drew up a chart.

Mood Chart

Hmm.. guess what drives this chart??

If you guessed, Mr Wonderful you're right. D:
I'm kinda pathetic huh?

Anyway, I'll set aside the chart to deliberate on another day.

So at the suggestion of two person who viewed and commented on Week 3's Project 52, I did some adjustment and came with two other versions of it.
Week 3 - Curves 1 with no light

So this one is much darker with higher contrast.

Week 3 - Curves 1 with light

And this one using above with the light leak and I made the light more reddish. Hmm.
Tell me what you all think k? :D

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

3/52 Curves

or the lack of it.

Week 3 - Curves

Black and White for obvious reasons. I have not-so-nice skin thanks to a bout of measles back when I was still young.

Once again, really grainy photo. Sigh. This time taken with Mr. Wonderful's 8 Megapixel camera that has NO MANUAL Shooting mode. Best photo of the lot. Its hard to shoot your own back.

When am I gonna get the Canon Powershot G11?!?!

Anyway experimented with light leaks. I think its abit too pinkish but hey, I love pink!

Comments are much greatly appreciated!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mr. Wonderful's 21st

Mood: Melancholic

Sundays are worst. Mr Wonderful's back in camp and I'm dealing with my withdrawal symptoms from the intensity of being in his company.

Anyway, here's what happened yesterday. I met up with Ming Hui earlier then the appointed time to get a cake.

On the reccomendation of my classmate Yana, we went to The Icing Room at 313 Somerset.

Where we bought a cake and decorated it! Sorry there's no picture as I had no camera and the birthday boy ahem sorry, birthday man had it.

Anyway here's the end result! Not bad huh? At least way better then the others I've seen, these two ladies beside us just completely destroyed theirs by drawing spiderman and a bus and other nonsense on their cake.

My verdict for that place? Not worth it cos you only get 5 piping bags and a small packet of icing, any more you'd have to extra. Its a fun novelty tho to try once and hence after, LEAVE the Decorating To The Professionals.

or you'll end up with this,



Anyway I digress. So who was there?

Rach and MH again
Kevin's Best Friends Rachel and Ming Hui! Gosh I thought getting these 3 to meet up again would never happen.

And of course Mr. Wonderful and I. :D

We of course went Marche, cos the food's always great there. I didn't want to go to some new reataurant and may end up with a bad experience. which leads to to Tip #1 of eating out for a celebration, Go for the familiar cos you'll have a great time as always. If you try something new, you'll never know what you'll get.

Me and Ming Hui had the Rosti with smoked Salmon. No matter how I tell myself to try something new, I'll always end up with the same thing.

And Mr. Wonderful and Rachel had the crepe. No idea what they ordered for the insides but it was great.

And we shared the calamari. :D

Basically I was quite relieved that everything worked out well and it was as if the 4 of us are hanging out as per the norm back then.
So great, conversation and lots of laughs!

Tip #2: No idea on who to invite?? Keep it intimate and small.

Never ever give him a real knife
PS: Never ever give him a real knife.

Cutting the cake
I have a monkey-faced boyfriend. Sigh.. and my eye looks weird. huh.

Icing love
Rachel was playing with the icing she didn't ate and Ming Hui didn't like it at all. Lol. So cute I want to puke.

Pretty long post, so to end it off, here's last two photos.

Ms. Wonderful
Yours truly,

Mr. Wonderful
and the boy who's a man but acts like a toddler.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Coming Right Up!

Mood: Content

Hee!! Just came back from celebrating Mr. Wonderful's birthday. All the anxiety for nothing. Everything went great even though it was only the four of us.

It was as if we've never have not seen each other for a long time. (Think about it)

Anyway will update soon cos I'm tired and aching.

Oh yea, The Book I gave to Mr. Wonderful's birthday has turned into his bible. O.o

Like I said, will explain more tomorrow. :D

Thursday, January 14, 2010

When you exercise too much.

Mood: Aching

I overdid it at the gym on TUESDAY and I'm still suffering for it.

How? You know that machine where you can change the angle of the bench? I put it at the highest rung and being so revved up after my run on the threadmill I thought why not? <-- (My sometimes motto in life that is not really applicable in certain situations)

Bad idea. VERY Bad Idea.

Ok sure, it might be the toughest way to train your muscles but at that angle its the easiest HOWEVER, you might have muscles but its covered in fats, hench cardio exercises. (EEE!! I'm beginning to sound very much like Dominic!!)

So I did about 15, rested and tried again. Didn't even make it to 10 O.o;

At first on wednesday, I feel great but towards the end of the day, I was basically hunched from the aching pain.

Here's what I can't do now without experiencing pain in my abdomen:

1. Laugh. Mr. Wonderful is Mr. Horrible! While on the phone earlier with him he kept making me laugh. So I laughed and I cried from the pain. D:

2. Sneeze. Gah! This is the worst. I literally had to brace myself for the pain. I would litterally fly back abit. Really. I was waiting for the train sitting on the bench, when I sneezed and my whole body lifted up and landed some centimetres back.

3. Stretch. Its horrible. Just horrible I tell you. I have to stretch but to me stretching is lying flat on my back and my muscles are stretched. But I have to force myself into s push up position and hold it while looking at the ceiling.

Good thing today tho, I thought I won't be able to do my cardio today as running just makes me feel as if I'm being poked by sharpened bamboo chopsticks.

But I ended up cycling earlier on with my sister. Thank God for shock absorbers on bicycles!

Oh here's an interesting calorie chart thingy you will enjoy reading!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Perfect Gift for My Man who's 21

Mood: Stressed out but getting my work done.

Apart from the usual complaints of overdue assignments I've got to plan Mr. Wonderful's 21st Birthday celebration this Saturday. Nothing much, just close friends. Two actually, his Best Friends, Rachel and Ming Hui. But its so hard to contact him and I've no idea what we're going to do. D: Any idea? Simple one?

The worst part is contacting them. Ming Hui's in camp and Rachel may or may not reply.

His actual birthday is today and I'm going to get his present once I'm done.

Its a book.

I wanted to get this,

BUT I couldn't find one in Singapore, I'd have to buy it online and on top of that I'd have to pay extra shipping to get it to Singapore on time. Anyway, it won't be useful anyway unlike the book.

My Mr. Wonderful already has seen the book at Would Wood but when I went back there and found out they only had,

So I panicked! Gah! I'm pretty sure that it would make a great present BUT its not the perfect present. I mean its cute and all but the book Stuff Every Man Should Know is more appropriate for a man who's turning 21 right?

So I searched online again. had it. But it'd take 15-17 days!

So I emailed Borders but they replied they don't stock it.
So I went to Kunikuniya's website search it. And guess what??

They had it!! :DD
So I'm off to get it now!

Gosh, looking for the perfect present is stressful. It doesn't help if I keep thinking that 'Anxiety is a Sin"

Makes me want to enter the confessional this sunday.

2/52 Me and Charlie

So here's Week 2 of Project 52.

A self-portrait of me and Charlie the guitar. Now if Mr. Wonderful found out I christened his guitar as Charlie, I'm pretty sure he won't be happy with it. Well too bad. CHARLIE's been staying with me for quite some time already. Anyway don't you think the guitar looks like a Charlie?

2/52 - Me and My Guitar


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