Friday, January 1, 2010

Things I have not done in a year

Mood: Hungover.

This is not what I've done since 2009.

1. Shower. (Eww! I haven't showered in a year! I'll do that right after this)

2. Brush my teeth. Eww! I'm such a gross person.

3. Slept. Went out at 9ish on 31 December 2009 and came back home at about 3a.m. and *GASP* its 2010 already?!?!
Slept then but wished I had slept for a year.

(Hehe, love this scene right here)

4. Seen my lover. D: or done some loving with him
Or hugged him, or kissed him. D: D: For one year!!

Wish I could add I haven't used the toilet for a year but there's been a few runs there already, from drinking and the sushi I had for lunch last year. Hehe.

So what bout you. What have you not done for a year??

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