Friday, January 22, 2010

Internet Woes

I'm cut off from the world.

well my parents have hit a financial bump, well more like a quagmire but please don't get me started on that. I'm dissappointed and pissed off at them right now for letting things go this way and now are crying over it(my mum at least).

Shit it looks like I'll be talking about it after all. I'll list it down to make it more easier for me.

Let's see,

1. Our land line's cut off.

2. Internet's cut off.

3. Our lights are next.

4. Strangely our cable's not gone yet. Is it because of those damn filipino dramas?? Their priorities are screwed.

Why do you think it came to this?

1. December, you decided to have the Rosary Devotion at our house. That requires, food, lots of food.

2. Christmas period, bought unnecessary new clothes for siblings when they have red shirts. You had a white shirt and yet bought one and charged for them when I gave you what little cash I had.

3. Volunteered to provide sandwiches for the fellowship after Novena Mass even tho there's no money to feed us, you still went ahead and fed others.

4. Christmas parties - I didnt go cos I knew we would be late in coming home late, taking cabs home definitely took out a large chunk.

5. Our Christmas Party - More money to feed others. None for us. Note: textbooks for siblings have not been bought.

6.In January Rosary Devotion to end the month long devotion.. More money to feed others. New Uniforms are needed.

7. We're in this shit BECAUSE??!!

One good thing about this. I can stay out more cos I have assignments to complete.

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