Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Perfect Gift for My Man who's 21

Mood: Stressed out but getting my work done.

Apart from the usual complaints of overdue assignments I've got to plan Mr. Wonderful's 21st Birthday celebration this Saturday. Nothing much, just close friends. Two actually, his Best Friends, Rachel and Ming Hui. But its so hard to contact him and I've no idea what we're going to do. D: Any idea? Simple one?

The worst part is contacting them. Ming Hui's in camp and Rachel may or may not reply.

His actual birthday is today and I'm going to get his present once I'm done.

Its a book.

I wanted to get this,

BUT I couldn't find one in Singapore, I'd have to buy it online and on top of that I'd have to pay extra shipping to get it to Singapore on time. Anyway, it won't be useful anyway unlike the book.

My Mr. Wonderful already has seen the book at Would Wood but when I went back there and found out they only had,

So I panicked! Gah! I'm pretty sure that it would make a great present BUT its not the perfect present. I mean its cute and all but the book Stuff Every Man Should Know is more appropriate for a man who's turning 21 right?

So I searched online again. had it. But it'd take 15-17 days!

So I emailed Borders but they replied they don't stock it.
So I went to Kunikuniya's website search it. And guess what??

They had it!! :DD
So I'm off to get it now!

Gosh, looking for the perfect present is stressful. It doesn't help if I keep thinking that 'Anxiety is a Sin"

Makes me want to enter the confessional this sunday.

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