Friday, January 29, 2010

My Fear of Old Ladies

Yesterday morning on my way to school, I happened to get a seat on the NEL assuring me a very comfortable ride all till Outram Park Station.

I was reading a romance novel while listening to my iTouch. (Its Mr. Wonderful's but judging by how its often in my company, you can just consider it mine)

Now I wasn't sitting in the priority seat and I was quite engrossed in the book I was reading, (The young Scottish lord was about to kiss and possibly ravish the wealthy impossibly gorgeous sweet young thing) when I felt a tap on a soldier, an old lady in her early 50s, lets name her Sweet Old Lady 1 or SOL1 for short, asked me if I could possibly give up my seat for SOL2 who looks about past her 60s.

Of course I gave up my seat, despite what my dad says that I'm a rude, good-for-nothing, get what I mean.

I thought nothing bout it, stood up, gave it up, gave them a smile and continue reading my book. (By now, The Scottish Lord was caressing her full bosoms).

Once again, SOL1 tapped me on the shoulder to thank me and both of them continued to smile at me and that's when I noticed that SOL2 has a gold tooth.

I continued reading when SOL1 tapped me again. (Seriously what's up with the tapping?) The old lady in the priority seat alighted the train and SOL1 was seating on it, she offered it to me and I accepted. Lol Of course not!

So alot of smiling again from SOL1 and SOL2.

SOL1 alighted and tapped me again. Seriously how was I suppose to enjoy the ravishing of the full bosom-ed sweet youn thing when I keep getting tapped like that?!

Well she asked me to take her place and I did after asking a lady if she wanted to. (If I were a man, I wouldn't sit at all in trains I'd make out to be an excellent man. If only all men were like that)

Of course having witnessed all the tapping and smiling and me giving up the seat, she said its fine.

So I sat and opposite me was SOL3 and SOL4 Smiling and nodding at me.

Well there seems to be quite a number of Old Ladies today, I thought. Then I remembered something.

Of course I freaked out! I burried my nose in my book literally and hoped that I won't have my necked ripped out by these old ladies.

Now if you don't know what I'm talking about, go watch this,

I'm pretty sure my sudden irrational fears of ladies is well totally irrational and I'll get rid of it, but till the details of the movie Legion is no longer clear in my mind, I'm just going to try to avoid them.

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