Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I checked out my nuffnang page to see how many visitors I got and was kinda surprise that when I clicked on my main blog (I have 3 registered blogs) - This blog that is, I saw this.


Now usually I would see only the sky scraper rating. So a shout out to all nuffies, do you have this? What does this mean? and How'd I get it??

Questions I hope to get answers to!


Thanks to Jas for explaining! I feel like an idiot sometimes.


  1. 'Leaderboard' is the code-name for the long horizontal adbox that you've placed at the top of the page. On the other hand, 'Skyscaper' is also known as the adbox on your sidebar. There is one more, called 'Large Rectangle' that is the adbox placed after your latest post. Your 'Leaderboard' section starts showing recently is due to your adbox at the top of your page starts generating significant revenue. Hope this helps (:

  2. ah, the joy of discovering new things. hehe!

  3. All the best in getting more readers! :)


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