Sunday, January 3, 2010

I'm a home girl

Mood: Content

At least when there's no chaos in the house and everything works like clockwork.

Like I said, it's an Open House at my place. A rosary devotion and I helped out with the preparation despite not having slept at all.

A rare thing happened today. After the early morning debacle, you could say the household was in harmony. No shouting, no fights, no frustration. Everyone working to help with the preparation. And I thought to myself, a girl could get used to this.


Well the lover came over. He was late and I shan't say much but I missed him terribly and its such a treat to be near him again.

After we got back to my place, leaving him, me and my brother alone in the house. We watched a DVD together. Angels and Demons.

An awesome show by the way. :D

It felt right, cuddled up next to him, lying on his chest watching a movie together.
I felt totally content, happy and loved.

Baby, things happening around you are not exactly perfect right now and I understand.
You're frustrated, tired and probably angry too. You've been my anchor in my life and now let me be yours. I love you.

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