Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sleeplessness is back

My parents came bsck home at 2:30 in the morning and got a dressing down for all of us being still up. One where my intelligence was insulted and completely separate from the issue on hand.

Following that, my laptop was taken away, along with my brothers.
When I finally got settled on my bed, I began to write a strongly worded bitter post from the iTouch. I never got to post it because the modem was turned off.

Then began a very interesting, private conversation ensued between me and lover boy, by SMS. He was up late too, to ensure his uncle, who's sick with cancer , was comfortable and properly settled for the night.

Soon he stopped replying and I knew he fell asleep. So I lay on bed and tried to sleep. Instead I watched my window and watched the dawn. I heard the first bus of the day arrive at thr bus stop just in front of the house. I heard the streets get busy.

I did manage to doze off for 5 minutes at a time. Everyone was still asleep after a long night.

I thought to myself, I wont publish that ugly bitter post.

Time lapsed.

I realised things for the lover and his family is hard.

By then my room was filled with morning sun.

And I thought to myself, Will I be able to stand by him and support him when he needs it??

God, I hope I do.
-- Posted from the iTouch. XD

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