Thursday, January 14, 2010

When you exercise too much.

Mood: Aching

I overdid it at the gym on TUESDAY and I'm still suffering for it.

How? You know that machine where you can change the angle of the bench? I put it at the highest rung and being so revved up after my run on the threadmill I thought why not? <-- (My sometimes motto in life that is not really applicable in certain situations)

Bad idea. VERY Bad Idea.

Ok sure, it might be the toughest way to train your muscles but at that angle its the easiest HOWEVER, you might have muscles but its covered in fats, hench cardio exercises. (EEE!! I'm beginning to sound very much like Dominic!!)

So I did about 15, rested and tried again. Didn't even make it to 10 O.o;

At first on wednesday, I feel great but towards the end of the day, I was basically hunched from the aching pain.

Here's what I can't do now without experiencing pain in my abdomen:

1. Laugh. Mr. Wonderful is Mr. Horrible! While on the phone earlier with him he kept making me laugh. So I laughed and I cried from the pain. D:

2. Sneeze. Gah! This is the worst. I literally had to brace myself for the pain. I would litterally fly back abit. Really. I was waiting for the train sitting on the bench, when I sneezed and my whole body lifted up and landed some centimetres back.

3. Stretch. Its horrible. Just horrible I tell you. I have to stretch but to me stretching is lying flat on my back and my muscles are stretched. But I have to force myself into s push up position and hold it while looking at the ceiling.

Good thing today tho, I thought I won't be able to do my cardio today as running just makes me feel as if I'm being poked by sharpened bamboo chopsticks.

But I ended up cycling earlier on with my sister. Thank God for shock absorbers on bicycles!

Oh here's an interesting calorie chart thingy you will enjoy reading!


  1. Omg. lol.

    btw, what are the stations u work out in the gym? sorry for being kaypo >.<

  2. Nah, I'd usually get on the threadmill first then I'd go for the lat pull for my back, then the one that trains your inner and outer thighs.

    I'm gonna try adding crunches already!


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