Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mr. Wonderful's 21st

Mood: Melancholic

Sundays are worst. Mr Wonderful's back in camp and I'm dealing with my withdrawal symptoms from the intensity of being in his company.

Anyway, here's what happened yesterday. I met up with Ming Hui earlier then the appointed time to get a cake.

On the reccomendation of my classmate Yana, we went to The Icing Room at 313 Somerset.

Where we bought a cake and decorated it! Sorry there's no picture as I had no camera and the birthday boy ahem sorry, birthday man had it.

Anyway here's the end result! Not bad huh? At least way better then the others I've seen, these two ladies beside us just completely destroyed theirs by drawing spiderman and a bus and other nonsense on their cake.

My verdict for that place? Not worth it cos you only get 5 piping bags and a small packet of icing, any more you'd have to extra. Its a fun novelty tho to try once and hence after, LEAVE the Decorating To The Professionals.

or you'll end up with this,



Anyway I digress. So who was there?

Rach and MH again
Kevin's Best Friends Rachel and Ming Hui! Gosh I thought getting these 3 to meet up again would never happen.

And of course Mr. Wonderful and I. :D

We of course went Marche, cos the food's always great there. I didn't want to go to some new reataurant and may end up with a bad experience. which leads to to Tip #1 of eating out for a celebration, Go for the familiar cos you'll have a great time as always. If you try something new, you'll never know what you'll get.

Me and Ming Hui had the Rosti with smoked Salmon. No matter how I tell myself to try something new, I'll always end up with the same thing.

And Mr. Wonderful and Rachel had the crepe. No idea what they ordered for the insides but it was great.

And we shared the calamari. :D

Basically I was quite relieved that everything worked out well and it was as if the 4 of us are hanging out as per the norm back then.
So great, conversation and lots of laughs!

Tip #2: No idea on who to invite?? Keep it intimate and small.

Never ever give him a real knife
PS: Never ever give him a real knife.

Cutting the cake
I have a monkey-faced boyfriend. Sigh.. and my eye looks weird. huh.

Icing love
Rachel was playing with the icing she didn't ate and Ming Hui didn't like it at all. Lol. So cute I want to puke.

Pretty long post, so to end it off, here's last two photos.

Ms. Wonderful
Yours truly,

Mr. Wonderful
and the boy who's a man but acts like a toddler.

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  1. Hahaha! His facial expression looks funny!!! Hope you guys had a great birthday celebration.:)



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