Monday, January 4, 2010

WTF?! No Chivalry at all in men in SG!

Okay first of all, POOR POOR DUMB GIRL. She may have chosen to go to a party, but she definitely didn't ask for that. Tell me do you go out to party and ask those guys to squeeze my boobs and pull down my bikini bottoms?!

Do you idiotic men out there go to party and see a woman with a meat cleaver wearing a t-shirt that says, 'I collect dicks for a hobby' then go up to her to offer yours.

No one wants that.

2nd of all the males' opinion disgusts me. 'Just Watch' why? 'Singaporean lah'

Assholes. If I saw you idiots about to get your little brothers chopped, I'd show you this video, and laugh.
(even though I'm not Singaporean and that is the worst excuse ever you pig)

It doesn't matter if she chose to be there or not, someone should have saved her. I'd get really pissed off, and kicked those fucking idiots in their balls cos they don't deserve them.

I repeat my statement, NO ONE DESERVES THAT and she deserves all the help she can get. Maybe we should consider chivalry 101 to be taught in schools.


  1. If it happened in a private party I would have understood why no one reached out to her. But this happened in the public. There were so many people around and yet no one reached out to her. This is just too sad ... just how indifferent people are these days. Would they ever be able to face themselves in the mirror?

  2. Good post.
    I agree that it was quite horrible that no one came up to help her, but then again, in my opinions, she should have done something to help herself instead of letting it be and let the guys continue groping her around. I'm sure she's not that weak to not be able to defend herself or at least shout for help. Unless she's drunk and cannot think straight.

    The public might not be aware that she actually was getting molested. It is possible that they thought that they were related and were just having fun, so the public just didn't want to poke their noses into their business.

    Just my 2 cents. :)

  3. I think it's kinda idiot for the men to say she deserve it. Yes she choose to go to those place and wearing only bikini but that doesn't mean that those guys has the right to molest her!

  4. She deserve it cos she wears a bikini? Means whoever wears a bikini deserve to be molest? -_-

    Seriously dun understand the mindset of the guys. Taking pictures n videos while the poor girl is being molested?

  5. mother fuckers... is this wat all the clubs been doing? i mean, isit a norm already? how crooked can this world be? it's just sad to see this, these bastards definitely enjoy themselves groping the girls, but wat about the other GUYS? fuck the shit out of their heads, wat if tat girl so happens is your sister or your cousin sis? better still, ur gf?


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