Sunday, January 10, 2010


Mood: Insulted,Upset and over all in a very negative mood

I was set up to write a post excited and happy because I finally got round to getting a planner.
Thanks to my dad I no longer have the heart to be excited bout it.

So that's my new planner there. Excuse the messiness of my desk. I'm still in the middle of doing my assignments. Especially those due this week.

That's opened up to this week's page. I'm kinda glad (was actually till my dad insulted me) that I got the planner. Back in Secondary school, they give us organisers every year (we have to pay of course) and it helped me alot.

I realised only recently.

Its different from writing in my assignments and plans on a plain notebook with no dates. There's no organisation to it. While with a planner, I can tell immediately which assignments are due soon and finish it up.

Anyway, judging from what I remembered so far, I've got quite a few to finish up for this week! Those are just two of it.

Not to mention the still ongoing assignments due in other weeks. Totally swamped.

I learnt today anxiety is a sin as you're to trust God in everything. My answer to that is,

God helps those who helps themselves.

As for my dad...

Before I touch on that subject, I'd just like to say that my relationship with him is volatile to say the least.

So whatever emotion I feel at whatever he does or say, its never hurt.

I'm passed feeling that emotion. Don't give me that psychological explaination of how the reason why I'm angry/insulted is because I'm hurt. That's textbook. I know how I feel about him.

So what'd he do this time?

Insulted me basically.

I was on the phone and he saw me on the phone. He didn't know who. Later on, he basically said to my mum, and I overheard, that I have a boyfriend and I was talking to other guys and it was the 2nd time I did this, basically insinuating I was lose and on top of that, I cheat on my boyfriend.

I'm angry and insulted. First of all, if he thinks that way of me, and I really am what he thinks I am, I'd already be pregnant or worse have AIDS or STDS.

Second of all, all those nightly phone calls are TO MY BOYFRIEND. I just hate how people make assumptions.

He's a Grade AAA Asshole.

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