Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ok, I've put it off for as long as I can

Mood: Resolved

*Take a deep breath*

Okay, here's my resolution

1. Not be late for class (yea right, but great start for the year where I was earlier than most! :D)

2. Project 52! Ever heard of Project 365?
Well a photo a day is quite a daunting task. I tried, so a photo a week for a year seems more manageable and less daunting. So wish me luck!

3. Work out twice a week. Simple enough, I have Dominic to ask me to go gym twice a week. :D

4. Learn the guitar. Been wanting to since aeons ago. Just that aeons ago never got round. Maybe today. Definitely this year.

5. Keep a budget of my expenses. Why? then maybe if I knew how much I spend, I'll cut down and learn how to,

6. Save at least $200 and not touch it at all.

7. Make conscious effort to review my modules! Especially for this term. Think Adela.

8. Take care of my skin especially around my eyes, I'm no longer young. D:

9. 12 months, 12 craft project. I love crafting. Making my own stuff. And maybe most of you think, crafting is so old school. Well old school is the new school, and you have no idea how many amazing cool crafts people make out there and feature it on crafting community websites, like craftster. Besides I'm of buying mass produced items. Its nice once in a while to own something unique and truly one of a kind.

10. Ease up on the electronic gadgetry and the alluring, glamourous world of the internet. Seriously. I spend waay too much time online or playing games. 5 hours in a day and slowly decrese that.
Not counted: Research for assignments. No choice, must go online. Doesn't mean I shall blog less often. In fact, the lover, says I should blog more often.

So that's my resolution for the year. :D A little tip to everyone. Failing one doesn't mean you should just cancel it out. You can't change within a day.

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