Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My mood chart

Mood: Getting happy

I kinda realise I have a mood pattern. And to not waste words, I drew up a chart.

Mood Chart

Hmm.. guess what drives this chart??

If you guessed, Mr Wonderful you're right. D:
I'm kinda pathetic huh?

Anyway, I'll set aside the chart to deliberate on another day.

So at the suggestion of two person who viewed and commented on Week 3's Project 52, I did some adjustment and came with two other versions of it.
Week 3 - Curves 1 with no light

So this one is much darker with higher contrast.

Week 3 - Curves 1 with light

And this one using above with the light leak and I made the light more reddish. Hmm.
Tell me what you all think k? :D

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