Saturday, January 2, 2010


Mood: Upset. My hair smells of smoke and its too late to shower or I'll get a cold.

I though that since we're having an Open House tomorrow, I know I won't be able to go out today to help with the preparation and such,

So I had to give up on Yana's sister's wedding engagement today. D:
I wanted to go!! I've never seen a Malay engagement ceremony before and I want to see the framed up photo of coins arranged as a swan/ship/arabic words.

Yana's dad is super talented. I'll ask for a photo and show it here. I saw the preliminary arrangement of the coins and its seriously amazing!

Anyway, I did manage to go to Ben Koh's place. (First time there, love the house! So eccentric/kitshy/vintage)
With the lover, Shawn, Roshan, Ben Koh and Valerie. Clara I think went but I had to leave early. D:

Had an awesome BBQ of Chicken & Mutton Satay and BBQ food. That basically explains why my hair smells of somke.

According to the lover, Ben's dad has an amazing way with food and I agree!

Oh and Shawn makes an awesome Salad.

Roshan brought back from Malaysia really good candies and chocolates.

Damn it! I HATE being the first to leave a good party.

Hmm.. Awesome conversations about army, camps, school and religion.

Wish I had taken photos tho. D:
It sucks when the camera you have is half paid for with your dad. So I can't really bring it out whenever I want.

BTW: I've done the things I've not done for a year.
Well except for holiday assignments.

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