Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Review

Ok, since this is the last week of January and the month is over, let's review my resolution which I posted here

1. Not be late for class
So far, so good! Only late once or twice. I'm pretty sure its fine, come on, don't be too hard on me, I'm trying!

2. Project 52!
Booyah! Love this project! I already got my Week 4 ready to be posted on Tuesday or Wednesday

3. Work out twice a week.
I am awesome! So far 3/3 resolutions kept! No significant weightloss but I love how I have less flabs and more muscles! I've been running and working out 2-3 times a week!

4. Learn the guitar.
Umm I know which part of the guitar is which?? Darn it, I'm still trying to learn one song

5. Keep a budget of my expenses.
Pfftt. With my family finance in an almost ruin (thank god they paid for the electricity and the internet!) This is pretty much on hold cos I never know if I'm getting any allowance at all

6. Save at least $200 and not touch it at all.
I have $20! :D One where I kept for myself and didn't give to my parents.

7. Make conscious effort to review my modules! Especially for this term.
Hee! I rawk!

8. Take care of my skin especially around my eyes,
Well I'm sleeping more

9. 12 months, 12 craft project.
I have one! Craft means $$$

10. Ease up on the electronic gadgetry and the alluring, glamourous world of the internet. Not counted: Research for assignments. No choice, must go online. Doesn't mean I shall blog less often.
Having the internet cut off helped.

So, Everything's pretty much on track. I'm much happier now after that.
Makes me feel that I'm not such a lousy person afterall.


  1. I only had 1 resolution.
    Will not swear.

    So what happened was when i was back at college.I have this lecturer whom i hate and he pissed me off so bad, i swore without realizing it until like hours later. .

    So there went my resolution, out the window. in the first week of January.


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