Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rendezvous With Me

Before I introduce you to this awesome band, I'd like to say some things to clarify stuff. :D

I was approached on my blog to post up an article about Rendezvous and AJ said that I could take credit for it but I'm an ethical person, I live by my disclosure policy and who believes in Karma so I write this based on the original with my honest and true opinion. :D

First thing first, RENDEZVOUS IS THE SEX!!

They are a two person Indie Band whose music falls under Jazz Electropop. Electronica and Jazz is a mix never done before to my knowledge and they're the first to mesh these two awesome music genres.

I think what really makes them stand out is that they created contemporary digital music with analogue equipments, vintage analogue equipments and instruments, and make it sound so so easy!

The vintage analogue equipment makes their music so much more unique than any others because they don't have the preset that current digital equipments have.

And that there is Itai Simon the bass guitarist. I'm jealous of him for two reasons, I'll never be able to play the bass like him (Heh, Bet you didn't know I played huh? Well it was a sweet and brief affair.). And he owns a VINTAGE 1966 FENDER PRECISION BASS GUITAR!!!

Want to know the story of how he came to own this rare collector's item??
Read it all here!

I admit, I don't have much knowledge on analogue much less current digital equipments but for music geeks out there, here's a list of equipments they use to produce their sound,

  • A Fender Precision Bass Guitar from 1966
  • Moogerfooger filter series (ring modulator, low pass filter, stereo phaser, analog delay, murf and bass murf)
  • Korg MS-10
  • Roland Juno 6
  • Korg Polysix
  • Farfisa VIP 345
  • Siel Piano Quarto
  • Roland RE-201 space echo
  • Lexicon PCM-42 Delay
  • ElectroHarmonix Small Stone
  • Fender Studio Bass amplifier

    I'm really impressed after a quick google for those equipments! They're really rare and they're worth alot and alot of money

    Rendezvous has been around for awhile and has a number of underground following but its only now that their getting their debut album launched by none other than David Bascombe!
    (if you don't know him, slap yourself. He's renowned London producer who has collaborated with Verve, Natalie Imbruglia, Kylie Minogue, Suede, and etc.) You've got to thank the guy for introducing Rendezvous to the majority.
    Now if you want to know more and watch them play with their music, check out their website,
    Rendezvous to listen to their previous tracks and check out their Youtube channel as well!

Friday, February 26, 2010

I ain't telling

Camwhored in front of webcam late late last night. I look so dorku :P Is it the glasses or the fringe? Maybe I should cut my hair again but its too soon and I promised myself that I wont do anything drastic, in terms of hair length.

I just had an awesome time with Mr. Wonderful! Hee! Too bad we didn't have dinner. I miss eating good food that someone else cooks, and someone else pays. Hehe. *HINT*

I'm not too sure when I'll see Mr. Wonderful next cos of parents D: but I've heard some very very good news! Can't wait for April!

Oh let time pass soon! Or maybe not, I'm getting old.

And ohmygosh! I have not studied enough today! >.<

8/52 - Breakfast

I made breakfast today!

Week 8 - Breakfast

Its garlic toast and tea for me! Breakfast good, no breakfast, not good. I've been thinking of drinking milk or juce for breakfast lately but kicking my caffeine habit is going to be a bitch and I scrapped that thought immediately.

Once again C&C! :D

Garlic Breath Day

Toast and Tea

Haha! Yum! Toast and Tea! And its Garlic Toast using my homemade garlic spread recipe!

Let's see here's what you need:

- 3 - 5 cloves of Garlic (Depends on your preference of how garlicky you want your toast to be)

- About two spoonful of butter at room temperature

- knife

- chopping board

- pestle and mortar

- frying pan or toaster

And here's how you make it!:

- peel your garlic!

- minced it up!

- mash it with your pestle and mortar! If you don't have one or couldn't find one like me, just use the flat side of the knife and smash it!

- put garlic and butter in a bowl and mix it up real good! (the reason why butter needs to be at room temperature, really hard to mash up cold butter unless you cut it down to chunks) Make sure they're really mashed and mixed together!

Garlic Spread

- optional: add a pinch of salt to taste!

- heat up the pan or toaster on low heat!

-optional: grease it up with olive oil! (Don't worry its super healthy, I want to live the Greek lifestyle!)

- spread the garlic spread on you bread!

- and toast it!

Making Toast

- to get it really crunchy toast the non-buttered side as well!

- and you're done!

toast and Tea 2

If you're irritated by the amount of exclaimation mark, too bad!


I could easily make 5-8 pieces of toast if I don't watch out, and if I don't I end up with a bad throat. D: I made 4 for myself and I already can feel my throat wanting to choke.

Hehe, I love Garlic but Garlic Breath isn't somthing I like, I usually make this when I feel like it, or/and when I'm not going out and meeting people. It can, ruin your social life.

But too bad for Mr. Wonderful who I'm meeting later. Hehe! He better hope the my garlic breath abates then.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My decision for Lent

I'm suppose to fast and all as a Catholic as its now the Season of Lent.

I didn't go for Ash Wednesday tho. :P Completetly forgot, actually no, it was the week where parents served me their ultimatum regarding Mr Wonderful and I was still upset at them (oh apparently it's a wrong for me to get angry at them because I'm not allowed to get angry at then. How can a natural reaction be wrong? Is being happy with someone a wrong too?!?) I couldn't bring myself to go to church in that sour mood.

Well after watching Phineas and Ferb, (Go watch Disney Channel, awesome show!)

I had a "I know what I'm going to do for Lent!" moment.

Drum rolls please!

For my 'sacrifice' for a lack of better word, shell be...

I Shall Not Further Antagonise My Parents No Matter How Much It Kills Me To Not Do So.

To be more clear, maintain peace with them.

I'm still upset with them that they're forcing me to attend regular Sunday Mass at St. Anne's church, even though I don't know the priests there (Cant even remember if I know their names) and the parishoners, you can tell that people there so stuck up! (I may be Catholic but I'm not perfect)

Toruble Brewing

I really should be studying an looking up case facts that aren't on my notes online but instead I decided to play around with my webcam. O.o

Frankly most people know that my relationship with my parents isn't really, for lack of a better word, that great.

Let's see, first they don't think I'm the good, dutiful daughter they expect me to be and I agree, I lie to them occasionally when the situation warrants that I have to, I don't go to clubs, I don't drink..much, I don't smoke, I keep up my grades, I'm not pregnant, I don't have multiple body piercings or God forbid, tattoos, wait.. I'm not helping the bad daughter image here. Let me re-construct this.

I don't OBEY their order/rules/summons/dictatorship/stupidity/blah/blah WITHOUT QUESTIONING them.

Oh and I'm still going out with Mr. Wonderful. (HE'S A BAD INFUENCE ON ME)

Well to tell you the truth, they're not very good parents either.

Snide Insults - calling me a whore/prostitute cos I wore a tanktop with an okay cleavage (Sheez! Other girls I see out there wear less!), calling my brother a faggot cos he's always hanging out with his best friend, etc, etc and etc.

The Physical Abuse
- punching (Bro), hair pulling (me), pinches (everyone), kicking (me) Oh my mum supports my dad by saying stuff like "Oh you know he has a short temper" or "Its your fault, if you have only kept your mouth shut"

Lots of overdue bills
- phone, internet, utilities, much needed textbooks etc.

I won't continue BUT TO BE FAIR, there are good peaceful times in my household where everyone gets along, there's five of us siblings so we can be a bit too much to handle, they buy for us treats whenever they can like dunkin' donuts the other day!

Anyway my point is, I'm going to be 21 this year and I'm being treated like I'm still 5 and even though I may appear be callous and unfeeling in my opinion of them and this whole stupid scenario, it still hurts.

The Whole Issue Revolves Around Mr. Wonderful.

First of all they think I spend way too much time with him. Is once or twice a week really that much? Or is it because the time when I see him is on weekends where they'd rather I stay home and do housework? I do, do housework, its not like they need me the whole day it to do the usual weekend chores I do.

Also related to why can't I go out without going through the harrowing interrogations I must put up with before they finally relent. Hence me lying to them that I'll be late at school, I've got event jobs through the school and I MUST go, etc, so I can spend time with friends outside of school. Its pretty pathetic, and mind you deathly boring that it'll drive you insane if the only places you go to are: church, school and home.

You know sometimes, too much restrictions can kill a person. If you had a noose around your neck, would you or would you not try everything and anything to get it off??

And now they're demanding I don't ever see Mr. Wonderful again and that I quit Legion of Mary. Sigh.. this just kind of cements my decision to want to move out as soon as I can.. probably in two years time.

I've a good head on my shoulder. I choose my friends carefully, I know my priorites (finish studying, work first, home and hearth much much later), I don't have undesirable habits, I know the limits but they just can't seem to see that in me.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wanted: The Mad Hatter, A Contest


A.K.A: The Hatter, Hatter, Mad Hatter
Crime: Conspiring with Alice against the rule of the Red Queen
Most distinctive features:
- Orange hair due to Mercury poisoning
- Top Hat with all sorts of knick-knacks tucked in
- His love of tea parties

If found report it to Jan so I can have a tea party with him and discuss more of Alice's plan to defeat the evil Red Queen.

My favourite character is of course The Mad Hatter simply because he is played by Johnny Depp, Mr. Perfect and I love his eccentric nature.
One other fact bout the Mad Hatter:

1. He and the March Hare are stuck at 6 o' clock for a long ago crime where the Queen of Hearts accused him of murdering time. Usually it would be an "OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!" scenario but since he escaped, Time was offended for him for "murdering time"

“Catch Alice in Wonderland Movie starting from 4th March 2010 and join the official Facebook and Twitter page"!”

Monday, February 22, 2010

Rejection is like a toilet bowl

Rejection sucks. Borders and most Starbucks has no job vacancies. The only way to earn money for during my two months of holiday is beg. Lol.

Kino hasn't replied and I'm still too chicken to step into Forever 21 and face those glam bitches.


Smoking Toilet
(Awesome right?! Took this awhile back at my old place. Someone bought ice-cream cake and it had bits of dry ice when it was delivered, so we put it in the toilet bowl! :3 )

Looks like job hunting is pushed forward to after my examination papers.

Wish me luck! My first paper is Law. O.o

Thursday, February 18, 2010

7/52 Branches


I seem to prefer lots of outdoor landscape shots. Anyway this is at moberly again. According to my lecturers the trees there are over 50 years old. Way older than the school. Dating back to World War II apparently.

Once again C&C! :D
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Work work work

Today I'm going job hunting.

I've a list of places where I want to work at and they are:

1. Borders
2. Kinokuniya
3. Starbucks
4. Spotlight
5. Forever 21

I've already sent in my online application to Borders and Kino and I'll be dropping by the other places today.

image from Tumblr

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Writer's Block

I'm stuck.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Run! Run! As fast as you can!

You can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread Man!

This week was the week I took running seriously.

The Story of How I Started Running.

It began with a gym-crazed classmate, Dominic.

He practically pestered everyone to go workout. Being in the same clique, I, being the type to be easily influenced gave in with alot of encouragement from Qimin and Mr. Wonderful. (It was around the time Mr. Wonderful enlisted for NS and I found myself alot of free time)

What was my first time like in the gym?? I have a phobia of the gym you see so I was self-concious, afraid and (insert negative verb here).

It helped out alot that I was with friends. It made things so much more enjoyable. :D

Gradually I moved from the stationary bike to threadmills and soon I started experimenting with the various now not-so-scary looking equipments.

And with Dominic's endless prattle bout working out, nutrition and etc, I began to become aware of how I should train and feed my body. (Complete fail when it comes to feeding my body. I love eating too much)

There were weeks that I did not go for a workout and there were weeks that I went even on days we're not suppose to work out.(Bad idea, injured myself.)

So this went on for months, what started out as a social and "what the heck lets do it for fun" activity I began to take it more seriously, especially running.

I soon became lazy to bring all my workout stuff to school and then go for gym so I started running around my estate. When I started, I barely could run half the route I set out and I dread reaching the uphill slopes and now I could run around the whole of my estate! I'm so proud of myself! I'll be pushing myself to be able to run two rounds and then 3 and then 4 get the picture.

Now, my aim is to do a marathon. O.o The one at the end of the year. The Standard Chartered Marathon.

I'm still huffing and puffing my way now and hopefully I get better and improve myself.

So yes, I'm thankful for Dominic for being the catalyst to make me start. Hehe.

My After Run Face
And that right there is how I look like after my run. Lol. For some strange reason. My face don't sweat cos I trained it not to sweat and now my face turns really really red after a run.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

6/52 My Agenda

It's been a week full of ups and downs.

My life's like that sometimes. Or that's what's like to be in my head.

Excitements, good and bad. Emotions, up and down. No one can say I'm apathetic.

Week 6 - My Agenda

One of the worries is that I'll fail in my Project 52. But here is week 6 just in time.

This week was crazy and all I want to do, as rule #32 in Zombieland states, Enjoy the Little Things, after attending a funeral, trying to comfort Mr. Wonderful when I've got tests and exam papers coming up.
It was even harder for me to concentrate when I saw the depth of Mr. Wonderful's grief upon losing a wonderful uncle who I guess was one of the father figures he had when growing up. I'm thankful for his Uncle to have influenced such a man into becoming my Mr. Wonderful and I pray that he's at peace right now watching over the family he left behind.

But Mr. Wonderful, instead of letting me comfort him tells me to focus first on studying. That I shall try but the the worry in my head over him will be constantly in my mind.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Churp churp!

You know NN but do you know about Churp Churp??

It's the twitter version of NN where you tweet their ads and get paid!

I joined last week and I just got my first assignment from them. Hopefully my tweet will get approved.

My opinion on this is still 'watch and see'

But if you want click above image to check it out yourself.

How it works. (Taken from Churp Churp)

Simple enough ya? I'm not advertising here. Just letting the NN community find out that the team from NN came up again with another advertising platform.

So leave comments and tell me what you think.

They also came up with Nom Nom Media but I've no idea what that is.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Irony

I won't be celebrating Valentine's Day this year. Lol. The irony, or Karma of life if you want to see it that way, after I posted up the Anti-Valentine's Day Song.

And no its not because Mr. Wonderful bailed out on me. Its more of unfortunate circumstances.

You see his uncle has cancer and this week might be his last. Now I would be really freaking insensitive if I just go ahead with what he planned.

Mr. Wonderful wanted to but I insisted we do not. He still tried to make plans for a casual date like playing Frisbee instead on Saturday but I know it won't fall through if a wake is to be held. His family will need him to be around.

I wish I could do something to help and its frustrating to be so helpless in such circumstances. The best I can do is hug Mr. Wonderful and pray.

I do not know what to pray for. For his Uncle's recovery? It'll take a miracle as he's in the last and final stage of cancer but if I pray that his death would be painless and bring about a closure for all, its like I'm praying for his death.

Cancer is a painful way to die, it puts on a lot of burden on the family emotionally, physically and financially.

To tell you the truth, I've never experienced the loss a death can bring to a family.

The closest was my cousin's death when he was but 11 and my great-grandmother. But I was not physically there to experience the sorrow and pain of witnessing the slow death of someone. I never hope to.

Now, cancer can be heredity or it can be avoided as far as possible. I guess my message is to smokers out there.

I met a strong robust hale and hearty man two years ago at a Christmas party and now.. He'll be leaving behind a three-year old boy who has not yet grasped the concept of the finality of death.

To Mr. Wonderful I love you and I'll be there for you and your family.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Anti-Valentine's Day Song

Okay folks with no dates this Valentine's Day. I'm not looking down on you. Just stating a fact. And don't give me crap about, Valentine's day is comercialised and I'm not feeding greeting card coporations with my money.

FACT IS YOU HAVE NO DATE. I'm pretty sure if you did, you won't be spouting nonsense.

Anywho, Here's a song that I advocate should be the theme song for Anti-Valentine's Day. Its only 58 seconds long.

How Fucking Romantic - Magnetic Fields
I couldn't find the actual video or song anywhere online and if I want to embed it here I need to upload my copy of the song up on a server which I have to pay for.
Maybe when I'm rich I can buy my own domain and I can post up mixtapes for all to download. :D

And since we're on the topic of anti-valentine's day here's a list of other great songs on topics of anti-love/loniliness in case someone out there wants to create a playlist.

1. Bad Romance - Lady GAGA

2. Bitter Heart - Zee Avi

3. Kantoi - Zee Avi (heh. I'm a fan)

4. Love Me Dead - Ludo

5. Love Sick Stomachache - Bowling For Soup

6. Motorcycle Drive By - Third Blind Eye

7. I Don't Need A Man - PCD

8. In The Cinema Alone - A Little Place In The Wilderness

9. I'm Leaving You Because I Don't Love You - Jens Lekman

So that's 10 songs up there including How Fucking Romantic.

Sadly I have a date for Valentine's Day! Just that I'll probably be celebrating it on the 12 or 13.

I already have a hint of where Mr. Wonderful will bring me. Its Italian and possibly posh. Lol.
He hates me for my sometimes scary accurate almost psychic guess.

Friday, February 5, 2010

House Keeping

Alright I need to get organised so here's my plan for the next 3 weeks since I need to get organised for the exams!

Blogging and Internet stuff

1. I will temporarily stop blogging except for my Project 52. The project must go on! Or unless something really ugly or really funny occurs.

2. I've added a new category called 5 Things! Once a week (This is to ensure my blog doesn't go stagnant! and sometimes just to fill in the space) To kick this off the first 5 Things was part of the blogging contest! :D

3. I will not be online or will only be online for awhile for the next 3 weeks or till my exams are over

Other Stuff

1. Just discovered a great place to study, quiet, not many people go there and near my place. Heheh!

2. I'm going to get Garlic Bread from the Robinson's Sale at Expo! I must. Its awesome!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

5 Things I Love and The One Place I Where I Get My Highs, An Advertorial

I love five things and only five things. (People are not counted.)

I love the sun by the beach.

I love ice-cream and how it makes me happy.

I love novels because they take me to places I've never been.

I love writing down and drawing out my thoughts, hopes and dreams.

I love the quirky things I find and I treasure each and every find.

(images above from

Now there's only one place where I can get all of this. Yup. ONE

The Cathay

The Cathay

First on my list. The sun and the beach! Wait a minute. Hmm. There's no sand or sea or surf in here. Hmm... And I honestly can't say I can go the beach yet in the state I'm in.


Oh look its Strip Co-Ed! Now I can prepare myself for a day out at the beach! :D No more bikini line or hairy legs for me! Hee! Its painless (who am I deluding??) and the feeling of smooth legs plus the tan you'll get will be so worth getting waxed!

It's been hot lately. Don't you agree? The weather's too hot even to go to the beach. I prefer the balmy type of hot but phew its really hot today.

Ben and Jerry's

Hmm. What's this? It sounds very familiar. I've seen it before.


A cow?? I've been here before! Now just to recall the name. Let's go down and take a look shall we?

What's This?

Ooh.. What's this. Looks like..

Ice Scream

Oh yes its becoming clearer to me now. Yum!

Mint Choc

Mint Chocolate Chunk! Yay! Its I Scream at Ben & Jerry's! An awesome flavour to beat the heat too!

Four levels

Now what else is on my list? Let's walk around.

would wood..

Wood Would.. Let's take a look shall we??


Journals!! I need one! I need all!! Muahahah!

Exercise Journal

An Exercise Journal, I definitely want this. I can finally keep track of the work out I did. Remember Jan, as part of you new resolution, you need to work out at least twice week!

Desk Display

They also have quirky trinkets abound! I wonder if the writing desk is for sale? It'll fit in nicely in my room.
I heard they change stock daily! So its a one of a kind or limited only! Especially their greeting cards. Oh and I saw some awesome reads. I'm pretty sure you'd have to get them online cos other bookstores won't have them.

There's only two stores in Singapore and of it is in The Cathay!

Looking at all that makes me want to explore more. What other unique finds will I find next.

+20 bulbs

I feel like I'm being drawn to those light bulbs like a moth.

+20 Bulbs

Its +20 Bulbs

Now let's see what's under those light bulbs.

20- display

I just saw something I like!


I have got to own this!!

Now wait what's this??

vintage clothes

I'm really growing ditzy from the head turning! But you've got to see these clothes! I'm in love with them already.

Shop Front

Let's go in eGG3. Its so welcoming! They just recently moved in that new bigger space. Which means more stuff!


I'm growing hungry from the excitement of discovering unique finds.

Let's see what's down stairs.

New York Pizza

Now that looks like it'll fill me up.

New York Pizza Pizza

A LARGE size slice of pizza, with chicken drumlets and a drink for the set meal. I'd say New York Pizza is so worth trying.

I think I've just reached my saturation point. *burb*

The Cathay Front
The Cathay is such an awesome place. There are unique shops at every level you won't find anywhere else but a girl can only take so much happiness in one day.

Let's review:
Preparation for the beach Checked!
Ice Cream craving satisfied Checked!
Gotten new journals Checked!
Found new books to read Checked!
Quirky Unique finds? Definitely!

I heard The Cathay has great promos and events coming up! Want to get the latest update?

Join The Cathay Facebook page ( to get updated with latest promos, events, contests & giveaways!

Shops I Visited:
egg3 #01-18
+20 Bulbs #01-08
New York Pizza #B1-24
Ben & Jerry's #02-12
Strip Co-Ed #02-10
woodwould #03-03
Lots of thanks to the shops for giving me permission to take those photos!


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