Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Work work work

Today I'm going job hunting.

I've a list of places where I want to work at and they are:

1. Borders
2. Kinokuniya
3. Starbucks
4. Spotlight
5. Forever 21

I've already sent in my online application to Borders and Kino and I'll be dropping by the other places today.

image from Tumblr

Wish me luck!


  1. Starbucks
    Coz cute guys hangout at Starbucks...U have a bf but oh well, won't hurt looking..Just looking. Plus u never know... :D
    And how difficult is it to take stock of sandwiches, making coffee, taking orders behind counter and oggling at cute men... :)
    Maybe perhaps one FREE hazelnut hot chocolate for moi :D Pweety puhleeze....

    Who wont want to work at borders?
    Reason same as above but the annoying kids around and ppl thinking that borders = library..Good luck! I prefer Starfucks!

    Forever 21
    OF COURSE FOREVER 21!!! Discounts and free clothes!!! But those fashionista wannabes are BITCHES!...Folding clothes everyday and putting them on racks and stock taking are crazy!!!
    Btw why bother with wannabes when u can oggle at cute darlings :D

    Starfucks to work at;
    1. Millenia Walk - cute executives :) And most teens don't come here :D
    2. Suntec...both at tower or near carrefour or the one near Balaclava.
    3. Centerpoint
    4. Tampines Mall - the baristas here are cute :)
    5. Tanglin Mall - Place practically vacant. Little work, same pay :)

    The other two...BORING!!! :D

    Lastly, yeah, you're welcome :p....hehehe...


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