Friday, February 5, 2010

House Keeping

Alright I need to get organised so here's my plan for the next 3 weeks since I need to get organised for the exams!

Blogging and Internet stuff

1. I will temporarily stop blogging except for my Project 52. The project must go on! Or unless something really ugly or really funny occurs.

2. I've added a new category called 5 Things! Once a week (This is to ensure my blog doesn't go stagnant! and sometimes just to fill in the space) To kick this off the first 5 Things was part of the blogging contest! :D

3. I will not be online or will only be online for awhile for the next 3 weeks or till my exams are over

Other Stuff

1. Just discovered a great place to study, quiet, not many people go there and near my place. Heheh!

2. I'm going to get Garlic Bread from the Robinson's Sale at Expo! I must. Its awesome!


  1. @henry only temporarily. I'll still blog! Just that you won't feel my online presence. Lol.


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