Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I don't Know If I Should Laugh or Cry

Look familiar?

How many of you plays this or has played Cafe World?

How many of you are obsessed with this game?

How many of you have both parents on Facebook and are obsessed over this game??

Gah!!! This is so not right. Once your parents are on FB you have to watch what you write on your status.

Worst part, last night many many people couldn't load FB. My mum included. (I gave up FB once my parents joined)

Now its really really amusing to hear your mum stomp about the house because she couldn't log in.

And its also amusing that she demands me and my brother shut down our laptop when cleary the number of people using our home wireless network doesn't affect the internet speed and loading time of other websites I'm at.

Even more amusing when she's worried about her food becoming spoilt.

WHAT'S NOT AMUSING is when we didn't have enough dinner on the table.

Woman we have no dinner and you're worried over virtual reality food??


  1. hmm.. my parents are not into computers so much.. im thankful for that.. haha.. my mum reads my twitter, which is linked to my FB.. but i guess i have nothing to hide from her.. =)


  2. Haha...l.ol...unlucky you :( ....nope my parents are not on fb and doubt they would like to do so...

  3. Lol. I do have things to hide from them. like the fact that I skipped class. Can't say things like that on FB anymore.

  4. omg! haha, my parents don't really touch comp too! =)

    unless they need to read news or check anything they want.

    but your parents r so cool!

    BabeBaboon's blog

  5. HAHAHAHA! i kept laughing! when you posted "Woman we have no dinner and you're worried over virtual reality food??"

  6. Thank goodness my folks don't really use the computer. hehe! but most parents I know are obssessed about Farmville rather than cafe world. they'd rather be farmers! XD

  7. @boon Lol! My parents are cool to you. Now if the situation were reversed. Hmm..

    @Janice. Haha! I know awesome line right? Lol

    @Emz Lol. Who says my parents aren't on Farmville?? Lol. My Dad's obsessed with that one!
    Every month or so he'd whine to my mum that he's going back to the Phillippines so he farm for real.

  8. Haha, my mum uses FB too. Your mum's so cute!! XD


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