Monday, February 22, 2010

Rejection is like a toilet bowl

Rejection sucks. Borders and most Starbucks has no job vacancies. The only way to earn money for during my two months of holiday is beg. Lol.

Kino hasn't replied and I'm still too chicken to step into Forever 21 and face those glam bitches.


Smoking Toilet
(Awesome right?! Took this awhile back at my old place. Someone bought ice-cream cake and it had bits of dry ice when it was delivered, so we put it in the toilet bowl! :3 )

Looks like job hunting is pushed forward to after my examination papers.

Wish me luck! My first paper is Law. O.o


  1. har like this also can ? haha awesome toilet bowl!

    nanged u.OMG, I received 144 million from saddam hussein!!! Nang this to read about it!

  2. agree with iyouwe. like this also can? LOLOL. i am also gonna look for a job soon :(

  3. lol.. the toilet bowl.. NICE! haha.. =P

  4. area of expertise.

  5. Wow! Cool toilet bowl (:
    What will happen if I sit on it? LOL


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