Friday, February 26, 2010

Garlic Breath Day

Toast and Tea

Haha! Yum! Toast and Tea! And its Garlic Toast using my homemade garlic spread recipe!

Let's see here's what you need:

- 3 - 5 cloves of Garlic (Depends on your preference of how garlicky you want your toast to be)

- About two spoonful of butter at room temperature

- knife

- chopping board

- pestle and mortar

- frying pan or toaster

And here's how you make it!:

- peel your garlic!

- minced it up!

- mash it with your pestle and mortar! If you don't have one or couldn't find one like me, just use the flat side of the knife and smash it!

- put garlic and butter in a bowl and mix it up real good! (the reason why butter needs to be at room temperature, really hard to mash up cold butter unless you cut it down to chunks) Make sure they're really mashed and mixed together!

Garlic Spread

- optional: add a pinch of salt to taste!

- heat up the pan or toaster on low heat!

-optional: grease it up with olive oil! (Don't worry its super healthy, I want to live the Greek lifestyle!)

- spread the garlic spread on you bread!

- and toast it!

Making Toast

- to get it really crunchy toast the non-buttered side as well!

- and you're done!

toast and Tea 2

If you're irritated by the amount of exclaimation mark, too bad!


I could easily make 5-8 pieces of toast if I don't watch out, and if I don't I end up with a bad throat. D: I made 4 for myself and I already can feel my throat wanting to choke.

Hehe, I love Garlic but Garlic Breath isn't somthing I like, I usually make this when I feel like it, or/and when I'm not going out and meeting people. It can, ruin your social life.

But too bad for Mr. Wonderful who I'm meeting later. Hehe! He better hope the my garlic breath abates then.


  1. oh wow, you just made me wanna go home and cook them garlic cloves and butter I had left over! hahaha

  2. nice recipe! thanks for sharing..
    then i can make the garlic bread for my mum without waiting for the Pizza Hut only.. :)


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