Thursday, February 11, 2010

6/52 My Agenda

It's been a week full of ups and downs.

My life's like that sometimes. Or that's what's like to be in my head.

Excitements, good and bad. Emotions, up and down. No one can say I'm apathetic.

Week 6 - My Agenda

One of the worries is that I'll fail in my Project 52. But here is week 6 just in time.

This week was crazy and all I want to do, as rule #32 in Zombieland states, Enjoy the Little Things, after attending a funeral, trying to comfort Mr. Wonderful when I've got tests and exam papers coming up.
It was even harder for me to concentrate when I saw the depth of Mr. Wonderful's grief upon losing a wonderful uncle who I guess was one of the father figures he had when growing up. I'm thankful for his Uncle to have influenced such a man into becoming my Mr. Wonderful and I pray that he's at peace right now watching over the family he left behind.

But Mr. Wonderful, instead of letting me comfort him tells me to focus first on studying. That I shall try but the the worry in my head over him will be constantly in my mind.


  1. It can't be helped, i suppose. but Mr Wonderful seems to worry about you as well, so you better listen to him. ^_^

  2. I am Emo now too~
    Good luck in ur studies^^


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