Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Toruble Brewing

I really should be studying an looking up case facts that aren't on my notes online but instead I decided to play around with my webcam. O.o

Frankly most people know that my relationship with my parents isn't really, for lack of a better word, that great.

Let's see, first they don't think I'm the good, dutiful daughter they expect me to be and I agree, I lie to them occasionally when the situation warrants that I have to, I don't go to clubs, I don't drink..much, I don't smoke, I keep up my grades, I'm not pregnant, I don't have multiple body piercings or God forbid, tattoos, wait.. I'm not helping the bad daughter image here. Let me re-construct this.

I don't OBEY their order/rules/summons/dictatorship/stupidity/blah/blah WITHOUT QUESTIONING them.

Oh and I'm still going out with Mr. Wonderful. (HE'S A BAD INFUENCE ON ME)

Well to tell you the truth, they're not very good parents either.

Snide Insults - calling me a whore/prostitute cos I wore a tanktop with an okay cleavage (Sheez! Other girls I see out there wear less!), calling my brother a faggot cos he's always hanging out with his best friend, etc, etc and etc.

The Physical Abuse
- punching (Bro), hair pulling (me), pinches (everyone), kicking (me) Oh my mum supports my dad by saying stuff like "Oh you know he has a short temper" or "Its your fault, if you have only kept your mouth shut"

Lots of overdue bills
- phone, internet, utilities, much needed textbooks etc.

I won't continue BUT TO BE FAIR, there are good peaceful times in my household where everyone gets along, there's five of us siblings so we can be a bit too much to handle, they buy for us treats whenever they can like dunkin' donuts the other day!

Anyway my point is, I'm going to be 21 this year and I'm being treated like I'm still 5 and even though I may appear be callous and unfeeling in my opinion of them and this whole stupid scenario, it still hurts.

The Whole Issue Revolves Around Mr. Wonderful.

First of all they think I spend way too much time with him. Is once or twice a week really that much? Or is it because the time when I see him is on weekends where they'd rather I stay home and do housework? I do, do housework, its not like they need me the whole day it to do the usual weekend chores I do.

Also related to why can't I go out without going through the harrowing interrogations I must put up with before they finally relent. Hence me lying to them that I'll be late at school, I've got event jobs through the school and I MUST go, etc, so I can spend time with friends outside of school. Its pretty pathetic, and mind you deathly boring that it'll drive you insane if the only places you go to are: church, school and home.

You know sometimes, too much restrictions can kill a person. If you had a noose around your neck, would you or would you not try everything and anything to get it off??

And now they're demanding I don't ever see Mr. Wonderful again and that I quit Legion of Mary. Sigh.. this just kind of cements my decision to want to move out as soon as I can.. probably in two years time.

I've a good head on my shoulder. I choose my friends carefully, I know my priorites (finish studying, work first, home and hearth much much later), I don't have undesirable habits, I know the limits but they just can't seem to see that in me.

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  1. woah.. :( Ey, I sorry to hear things aren't so great with your parents. Maybe they also have their own personal issues to deal with.. its just unfortunate that they let it out on you and your siblings. Raising a family of 5 in SG isn't easy I imagine (expensive!!). I come from a big fam myself... 7 kids ( O_o )

    I hope things will get better.. :)


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