Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wanted: The Mad Hatter, A Contest


A.K.A: The Hatter, Hatter, Mad Hatter
Crime: Conspiring with Alice against the rule of the Red Queen
Most distinctive features:
- Orange hair due to Mercury poisoning
- Top Hat with all sorts of knick-knacks tucked in
- His love of tea parties

If found report it to Jan so I can have a tea party with him and discuss more of Alice's plan to defeat the evil Red Queen.

My favourite character is of course The Mad Hatter simply because he is played by Johnny Depp, Mr. Perfect and I love his eccentric nature.
One other fact bout the Mad Hatter:

1. He and the March Hare are stuck at 6 o' clock for a long ago crime where the Queen of Hearts accused him of murdering time. Usually it would be an "OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!" scenario but since he escaped, Time was offended for him for "murdering time"

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  1. I cant wait for the screening! I love The Queen the most :) She has such a character that makes me think... "Oh, she's just like me!"


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